Friday, November 26, 2004

final paper~

Today is the biggy big day for me~ I did lotsa exercises, tackled many kinds of questions to prepare myself to face this final. Its the LCCI Book Keeping finals. I din't sit for the mock exam in school (Systematic). I somehow escape that. That's another story. eheks~

Dad: Wake up boi? aiyo... still in bed. Wake up liaw.

aiyo~ so tired.. let me sleep... why so early wake me up? OH SHIT!!! its finals!!!

I looked at the time (7.43am)<--- ****!!! I jumped out from my bed and rushed for shower and got dressed. I'm suppose to arrive at the exam hall at 8.30am today. ahh!! dasyat!!

few minutes later...
Luckily i arrived on time. XD chung hua middle school is so the big. It looks those high school in Taiwan. ahiaks... just like those drama I watched. haha.. I started to look for my fren, Beverly. Unfortunately, she haven't arrived yet. So, I stand with my classmates. Just accross us are the chmsno1 students. They are sitting for the paper too. Sedang I wait for Beverly, I took the opportunity to cuci mata. eheks... shiok~~ Soon later.. Beverly arrived.

at 8.45am
We went to our exam room. On the way there, my hp fell. *sim tia* it din just fell, it slided and the cover came off and the battery came out!!! WAH LAU!!! I ter-said "SHIT!!" err.. its more like, "SHIIIIITTT!!!!". I can tell everyone in the classes were eye-ing me. *malu seh*

Beverly: Are u ok?
Me: *nodded* sakit my hati tau ~~>.<~~
by 9.00am
The Head Prefect asked us to fill in the attendance list and complete the answer sheet's cover. While I was filling my name, suddenly, the prefect shouted.. ok ok i exagerated, she spoke loudly, "Where is ur exam docket?!!". wah lau~ heart attack man! Got this one Girl in the other row forgotten to bring her exam docket. wahahahaha... see how u gonna sit for exam without ur exam docket.. wahahahhaa. *evilness* but later, she was able to sit for the paper, kononnya la the rules very strict la wth la..

at 9.10am
By then we started to do our paper. To my surprise, the first question already i dunno how to do. matt sial!! haihzz... nvm.. just cin cai do...

at bout 11.30am
I still hafen finish answering. sei kwai~~ hafta hand in my answer sheet by 11.40am. when I looked at the clock, its oledi 11.35. i rushed like nuts. my handwriting is so NOT MINE.

at 11.40am
The Head Prefect: Times up! Stop writing please.
Me: ~>.<~ wait wait...
die die die die...
at that moment i really wanted to cry. that time i was closing an account, but soon my paper got collected.
wuuu wuuu wuuu ~>.<~ wuuu wuuu wuuu

For the next sem, i don't wanna take LCCI level 2 liaw... i totally gave up on this paper. why is it when I tried hard and prepared for the paper, it owes turn out bad?? I hate my life... Saying is easy, doing it is not...