Friday, July 27, 2007

:+: Moving... :+:

I'll be blogging at

Do visit me there.

:+: Dip-licious Discount Coupon :+:

Have you tried the new Dip-licious Pizza at Pizza Hut?

If you are going to purchase it, go to The New Dine with Anna and download the discount coupon. Print the coupon from there and enjoy 10% discount.

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It’s valid till 1st August 2007 and it is applicable ONLY for ALA-CARTE (non-combo).

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

:+: Kuching Advertlets Bloggers Meet :+:

On 21st of July, 2007, there was a bloggers meet up at Bestberry Cafe, Petanak.

It started at 3.00pm but we (Angel & I) arrived a little late. Ooopss.. At least Ehon came after us.

To Ehon: neh ni neh ni bu buu.. You're later.. Muahahahaha...!

Anyway, it was a great meet up. Meeting new faces and bloggers that I know through their blogs but never met them in person before. Thumbs up to Jimmy & Irene for organizing the SPONSORED Event by Advertlets. Ish.. If I knew it was sponsored, I would... XDDD

Anyway, the drinks at Bestberry Cafe are served in very special style of glasses or bottles. Well, I didn't take any pictures on the drinks because I was late and it would be rude for me to go, 'Hey YOU! Yes you! Stop drinking, let take picture' *snatches the drink and chick chak chick chak*. However, you can read about the meet up at these blogs: Irene, Jimmy, Platinum Girl, ah Bao, and ehon.

I would just show you guys something eerie from the cafe.

They hunt hantu and korek their eyes out. Serve them in three. Gross ain't it? 3 scoops of Walls (taste like it) Ice Cream with pink syrup topped with cookie chocolates. Overall, it sound interesting, looks interesting, but it didn't taste interesting.

Having Ehon there, we can non-stop bombing (suaning) each other and still laugh at it. Good thing Advertlets sent me some stickers. I used it to TAPE his mouth! Muahahhahaa..

Ehon: Thanks for being so YENG to take these pictures with me.

Incase you run out of Pore Packs, sticker comes in quite handy too. XDDD

With so much camwhoring and yapping, the ghost eyes melted and turning into milkshake. Huuuu.. It melted terribly that at one point, I couldn't scoop it with the spoon that I had to drink it using a straw. Ghost Eyes juice.

It was a really great meet up. Good job guys!

Group picture curied from Irene's. XP~~

Monday, July 23, 2007

:+: Kaching Kaching is HERE :+:

On 20072007, when I got home from work, my dad told me that I had a letter specially sent via Pos Laju earlier that day. I was quite nervous when he told me that.

Dip Dup Dip Dup

When he gave me the letter, the first thing I saw on it was an Advertlets sticker, wah lao.. None can imagine how excited I was. I was jumping up and down, cheering and yahooo-ing while holding the letter aka DAMN EXCITED!

The only thing my dad said was, "Siaw cha bor.."


I was very curious with the content as I heard some king king ting ting in it when I was shaking the envelope.

Rwoww rwoww...

Thank you Advertlets for the Kaching Kaching. Not forgetting the love letter from Josh, Advertlets stickers and cute cute Black&White Advertlets Buttons. Even Mr. Froggie likes them! Look at his expression. Now, he even got a new 'dress'! Sui boh??

Now, I'm RM100.00 richer. Muahahahhaa.. And that would be around $1000 Baht or SGD44. Extra cash for spending during my exclusive Cruise trip. wuekekeke...

I pasted a sticker on my workstation. Every time I opened up my laptop, when I saw the sticker, it somehow motivate and encourage me to blog better (deep inside is Kaching Kaching). When my classmates or friends saw this particular sticker, they would ask me what it's about and I story story to them. I'm surprised that after they heard me story the story, they started to create their own blog TOO!

As for the buttons, I'll use it in a different way..


How do you like my new hairpin?

Friday, July 20, 2007

:+: Annna.Net :+:

My new domain.. is finally up. However, there are still lots of work in building it. I'm still learning on the new features there. It is hosted by Wordpress, and it is so alien to me. So so so different from blogspot. I've been blogging with Blogspot ever since 2004 and it has spoilt me. Blogspot is very very very user friendly.

I will still blog here. Definitely blog about food. :DDDDDD~~~~~~

:+: Fun-tags-tick 4 :+:

Thanks Yin, for tagging me in this Fantastic Four tag. muahahaha.. *perasan diri*

4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:
- 'Sales Assistant' in one of those tit bits store

- BM Home Tutor

- Admin Assistant in some firm

- Part time Tour & Hotel Reservationist

*4 Places I’ve Lived :

- Kuching

- Kuching

- Kuching

- Kuching

*4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:

- China (Eh-ve-li-thing ve-li cheeeeap)

- Thailand (aQua prettier than me -..-")

- Kuala Lumpur (shopping)

- Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Adventure.. Shiok!)

(Named 4 places I had fun most)

*4 Places I Would Rather Be In:

- In my comfy bed

- In front of my lappy with WORKING internet connection. "Okui.Net you KNS!!"

- Lepaking with my butties (buddies)

- Shopping mall.. SHOP 'till I'm BROKE

*4 Of My Favourite Food:

- Laksa

- Fried Chow Chai Hungan

- Gu Bak Mee

- Rum Raisin & Banana Cheese Gelato

*4 Lucky Souls Tagged:
4 FUNtastic friends I wanna tag..
- Frankiecy
- Yomi
- @lexlim
- Adrienne

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

:+: Aladin Cafe :+:

***Very short and simple post. Posting from Coll's lab***
Vivian smsed me to lunch a couple of days ago. Accompany her to a blind dat (just some new friends she knew from somewhere, somehow). To a special place called Aladin Cafe. I've heard of this place many times but I've never been there.
Aladin Cafe is located in the Carpenter Street. I don't like going to Carpenter Street as they are a lot of cars there and it is very hard to find parking plus it's very jam!

Anyway, to get to Aladin Cafe, just turn in at the Old Post Office.

From the Post Office you can start eyeing for a parking spot. The cafe is not far from the Post Office.
Look UP (yes atas) for the sign board, 'Aladin Cafe'.

Indeed in Carpenter Street, the shops are at least 100 years old (exagerating). Probably at least 50 years old. It is very Chinese-Buddhist inside. There were lots of people eating there.

Turn left turn right.. I looked around the cafe many times, but still can't spot Aladin. Mana dia??

Mari makan..

The Chicken is SUPERB!! Have you tried 'Leng Pua' (Cold Dish with Special Steamed Chicken that has alcohol taste). The liquor smell from the chicken is seducing. A bite into the chicken is.. Heavenly!!! They poured this special thick light brownish alcoholy (Chinese White Wine) sauce on the chicken. The soup served is the Szechuan vegetable soup. The typical chicke rice sauce: minced chilli with garlic and lime juice sauce. Geng!

I was told that their Fried Chicken is very SEDAP!! They only do the fried chicken at night. I would find a chance to cuba cuba one night. kikiki..

Some well-kept secrets along Carpenter Street @ The Borneo Post Online.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

:+: Little Lebanon :+:

:+: Ehon with his Mix Kebabs :+:
Sir Ehon is back in Kuching. Missing our small little hometown and craving for local food and updating with latest trendy cafe here.

Set a dinner meet up with Sir Eh
on, Choulyin, Angel, Vivian and Anna (me, me & me).

Date: 12th July 2007 [Thursday]

Time: 7.00pm
[Arrived in a very Malaysian style, 7.45pm. Paiseh arr Ehon! First time meet already so Malaysian..]

Venue: Little Lebanon, Old Court House, Waterfront.
** FYI, Little Lebanon serves Shi Sha at RM9. Different fruits flavas at your own choice. **

There was the Launching of the RWMF at the Old Court House and there were no parking. The only place we could park were the side road (yellow line) and the parking along Main Bazaar (Need to walk damn far). In the end, we puek (talk) to the guards and ask them to get us a parking in the Court Parking Lot. We were told to just park at the yellow line as they already got the special letter for 'saman-free'. So, if we were to park there, the traffic police won't saman for yellow line parking. Some kind of special exemptions.

There are two types of Lebanese Bread in the menu; Lebanese Cheese Bread and Lebanese Meat Bread. I came to Little Lebanon before and I've tried both. I like the Lebanese Cheese Bread more. It is actually a pita bread with cheese and sour cream and chopped onions in it, accompanied with fresh salad.

Ge cannot tahan anymore. She started to poke poke the bread with the fork.

Yummy Sheesh Kebabs - Tender Lamb meat BBQ shiok shiok with brinjal, button mushroom, carrot, onions. Accompanied with Pyramid Briyani Rice , Half Pita Bread and fresh vegetables.

Curi this picture from Ehon's blog. Food War (Star War) epics with our Kebabs-di (Jedi).

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich is a wrapping of chicken meat in the pita bread. Accompanied with pickled cucumber and tomato, and also fries.

Doing what bloggers does best, we camwhore anywhere, anything and at anytime. Vivian was the only non-blogger. She kinda terasa a bit when we busy ourselves camwhoring around.

In these pictures, there's picture of the restaurant, the tent in it, the beautiful lighting. Next, Ehon taking picture of his Light Coke and a group picture without me in it, and a random picture. Lastly, a picture of Yin explaining something on her phone to Ge.

The Fruit Salad's serving is very small. The black powder around the plate is blackpepper, used for decorating the dishes. Actually, you should blow the pepper while spinning the plate. *crapping* Then mix the food together with it. Kekekeke.. If any of you actually do that, send me a copy of the picture. XDD

It was a great dinner (despite that we had to wait for 20minutes for our food to come). It was the company that matters. Having friends to hang out with and lots and lots of camwhoring (which is the greatest among greats), that made a good evening.

and not forgetting lots and lots of Laughxercise (laughing exercise)..

:+: After dinner, we went to Cafe Chino, Hilton for awhile :+:

:+: Met up with Sam, Ben, Alwyn and their friends :+:

:+: Ting's Noodle House :+:

Went to Ting's Noodle House with Vivian few weeks ago.
Located just opposite Grand Continental Hotel. It is one of those Taiwan kind of Cafe that serves handmade noodles.

Every time I go to a Taiwan like cafe, I always order Green Tea also known as Jasmine Tea. The Green Tea here is special as they blend the tea with ice and you get Ice Blended Green Tea.

Come here sure eat their famous noodles lor.. Their noodles are all handmade. Love their noodles as the noodles are very Q and the soup is sweet. Somehow, there's a bit of Bovril taste in it. Kekeke... Probably they use it as their beef stock. My mum sometimes uses Bovril when she cook Beef Stew. In short, the beef noodles here very sedap but I still prefer the Gu Bak Mee over at Spring Garden.

Wo Tieh also known as Fried Dumpling is one of my favourite Taiwanese food. At RM4.00 you will get 6 dumplings in a boat-shaped bowl. Eat wo tieh must must must eat with vinegar and ginger or some prefer light soya sauce with garlic. I prefer eating dumplings with ginger and vinegar.

I still remember there's one Wo Tieh stall in the old Da Light Food Court. Selling at RM4.00 for 10 dumplings but in those polystyrene container. That was the best Wo Tieh I ever tasted. Too bad they moved. boo hoo..

is one of the Korean delicacies. Surprisingly they serve Kimchi here. As curious as a cat, I ordered a plate @ RM3.50. Frankly, they should just stick to Taiwanese.

Their Kimchi... Fail

What does it taste like?
Well, according to my 'sense', the cabbage is preserved with vinegar, sugar and salt. Later, when someone (Me lor) orders Kimchi, they take out the cabbage mix with some so-called-spicy chillies. Overall, it does not taste like Kimchi at all. Looks the same but taste different. Furthermore, it doesn't stink. Kimchi should stink because it is fermented.

Got bored and played around with the new fonts I've just downloaded. Kekeke... Nenek always say don't waste food. We didn't finish the Kimchi 'coz it's Yerkz..

The cafe has many cool deep deep meaningful Calligraphies.

I like this the most.
QQ Noodle makes the Eater Happy.
(Not the actual translation)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Charity Tag

Benpert and Yin tagged me like how many centuries ago. Can't do the tag until I leech on my neighbours' wireless connection. Now, I'm AnnnA the Vampairrrr (Vampire). One thing about wireless is that, it's not very stable aka not good enough to play Gunbound!! Huhuuuuu... So, FengY, bersabar ya..

Anyway, there is this Blogger,
Idham who has pledged to donate RM 127.00 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage in Bangi for every tag completed before 26 August 2007. It's so simple, all you need to do is to complete any 17 sentences from the 27 listed below (that's the tag) and drop Idham a comment over at the tag's original page here.

1. A person is only as good as
her/his/its heart

2. Friendship is always ...

3. To love is to
be loved

4. Money makes me
wanting to have more money *Kaching Kaching*

5. I miss my
High School Days

6. My way of saying I care is by
my actions

7. I try to spread love and happiness by
making others happy and huggles

8. Pick the flowers when
they're bloomed

9. To love someone is respect her/his everything

10. Beauty is ...

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was
my very very short short hair

12. When I was twenty one, I remember
being 21

13. I am most happy when
others around me are happy

14. Nothing makes me happier than
Kaching kaching being loved by everyone

15. If I can change one thing, I will change ...

16. If smiles were ... currency ... then I ...

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could
go back to the past

18. If you want to ... be somebody ... then you have to ...

19. Money is not everything but
without money, you are nothing

20. The most touching moments I have experienced is ...

21. I smile when
I see people

22. When I am happy, I like to
Rwoww Rwoww

23. If only I don't have to ... work ... then ...

24. The best thing I did yesterday was ...

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,

26. One thing I must do before I die is
to take the last valuable breathe before I go to the next world.

27. Doing this meme, I feel like
I've just did the best tag ever (Charity for Love)

Now, I would like to tag these kind warm hearted people :]





Friday, July 13, 2007

:+: The Ice and The Jak :+:

Nowadays, Kuching si beh juak arrr (so so so HOT!)

It's so hot that, if there's no such thing as vanity, shame, civilization, one would choose not to wear anything.. nudity. =x

Heat is making you thinking of siaw siaw stuff..

The fact is that, it's so damn hot that you would rather lock yourself in the fridge with a 14.1" laptop blogging and at the same time get free loading juice and sandwich in there. Even though your canggih air condition can chiao till 16 degrees (coolest mode), you would still feel stuffy in the room.

At least, at night, when the Sun rests at you can sleep away in your dreamland without sweating.

I would call this season the craziest one. Fuhhh!! Panas gila babi!! No matter how hot it is, no matter how blue the sky is, it will still rain crazily. As if the sky hit jackpot and pour in heavy heavy rain (if it's $.$ *kaching kaching* I won't mind). After the crazy cats and dogs miawed and woofed, the Sun would come out and BBQ the cute little humans.

Therefore, one way to keep yourself from the heat attack, try to cool your body with this...

On this crazy hot weather, treat yourself a nice cold bowl or many many bowls of refreshing Goh Bee T'ng.

The best Goh Bee T'ng I can find in Kuching are at Kenyalang Food Centre and Tabuan Jaya Market Food Centre.
Here at Kenyalang Food Court (Not the one above the market but on the other side of Kenyalang, the turn before the Long Neck (dinosaur). Look out for Stall No. 26. They serve the best and biggest serving of Goh Bee T'ng in Kenyalang Park.

My advice to you is to tapao home the Goh Bee T'ng. ekekekkekee...

Tapao (take away) is worth every cents. If you want to tapao, tapao RM2 and this can feed 4-5 persons. If you eat there, it's going to cost you RM1.20 per bowl. Tapao-ing is more hua suan. Hope the taukeh-nio does not read this, else the next time I go over to tapao, she's charge me RM5 for a packet. Huuuuuuuuuu...

There are Dried Red Dates, Longan, Barley, Nata 'de Coco, Agar-agar (Jelly), Raisin and that 2 other thing I don't know what they are called.

Apart from Goh Bee T'ng, the Rojak at Kenyalang Food Centre is one of my favourite. This is the RM3 rojak tapao package. I like this stall's rojak mainly because of the Crispy Yew Char Kueh and the rojak-ko (Rojak Paste). kekeke...

You tell me, Comel or not??

This Rojak stall is operated by an old couple (ahpek and ahma). The ahpek is thin and tall, whereas the ahma (wife) is round and short =X. Like that, baru balance ma.. XD
Paiseh.. I can't remember the Stall Number. Never go see the number. Somemore, the picture I took is blur, I moved. =P

Anyway, the stall is in between the Kolo stall and Honey BBQ Chicken stall. It is opened daily from 12.30pm onwards except for Monday. Monday is their day off.

The ahma is very friendly lo.. I was chit chatting with her while her hubby makes the rojak. I guess my cute innocent face wins her heart lo.. cause she gave me extra more more Crispy Yew Char Kueh. Muahahhahaa.. I was puji-ing their rojak ma and saying that their Crispy Yew Char Kueh is my favourite. Kekekeke.. Practicing my PR. XDDD