Tuesday, April 24, 2007

:+: Spring Beef Noodles :+:

I've been eating at Spring Garden since my kindy years. What's so special there? The 'Gu Bak Mee' (Beef Noodles) lar. Not just any beef noodles, it's Taiwan Beef Noodles. Originating from Taiwan even the tauke-nio is from Taiwan. Her husband is local. Sometimes, you see her son helping around. At times, her son runs the business. I prefer her. Haha.. More generous with the Gu Bak (beef) mar..

:+: The Pink Paper says, 'Closed on Friday' :+:

:+: Reasonable Price :+:

The noodles are all handmade. There are 2 kinds of handmade noodles. The thick penyet that looks like kueh tiaw and the normal round noodles. I recommend the thick penyet ones. More chewy~

:+: The Gu Bak Mee goes nicely with the special sauce :+:

:+: The Spicy Tauchio mixed with the noodles = SEDAP :+:

:+: The Thick Handmade Beef Noodles :+:

I have this very bad habit:
I like to cucuk my chopstick into my food.

:+: I love the preserved kiam chai (preserved vege) :+:

:+: Here's the location :+:

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