Saturday, March 31, 2007

:+: Chill + Relax = Chillax :+:

Chillax is a chilling out and relaxing place to hangout. Chillax is situated in Jalan Song area. It is at the same block as Pizza Junction, the first block next to the Upwell Supermarket.

When it's closed, you can see the shuttle painted with artistic arts with the word CLOSED on it. cool man... Chillax is only open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From 8pm till 12am. The drinks are averagedly priced from RM4 - RM11++. They also serve cakes, finger food and fruit goodies. Other than drinking and eating, you can enjoy your evening playing board and card games.

One advice, always always make booking before you go Chillax. It is either full house or not opened. Be sure to confirm your booking. The first time I booked a spot, the boss said that they won't be in Kuching for the week. The second time I booked, I was told to go over only after 9pm. aiyoyo..

We arrived Chillax at 9.15pm and it's already FULL. Lucky us that I've booked a comfortable spacious spot for ourselves. huahua..

:+: My Doctor's Crush: Apple + Lemon Juice + Sprite :+:

:+: B E A U T Y - Q U E E N :+:
][Beauty=Doctor's Crush][Queen=Red Devil][

:+: I am a Beauty Queen wannabe XD :+:

:+: Stole ahGe's Lemon Tea's lemons :+:

:+: Nancy's Peppermint Spritz :+:

On this particular night, it's a different meet up as we have a very special guest, Mikel the Splashmilk. I've been reading Mikel's blog for many many years from tabulas to to Splashmilk. Don't play play arr...

:+: Take One :+:

:+: Take Two :+:

:+: We Vox You :+:

:+: Vox Here :+:
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

:+: How to heat food in hotel :+:

Putrajaya the city within the city. As cool as it sounds, I went for a night stay there.

Staying in the heart of the city of the city *grinz*

There's only 1 (ONE) hotel in the heart of the city of the city. It is the Shangri-la Hotel, Putrajaya. One thing I like about this hotel is this:

Right... It's just a writing table. What's so biggy 'bout it?

Well, this is:

:: Lil secret drawer in the table ::


How to heat food in hotel??

Just because it's a 5 stars hotel you think there's a microwave for you to enjoy meals? Nah..

Say, you got some leftover from lunch, eg. pizza leftover from lunch.

Hungry at night, I thought of having some supper. But, cold pizza is ewww..

Question: What should I do??


I'm such a Genius

:+: Pan Ki Dim Sum :+:

Pan Ki Dim Sum is located in Sri Petaling, KL.

I like to eat dim sum here 'cause it's one of the best!

:: Cha Kueh :: Oh-Ni :: Fried Har Kao :: Yu Peng (Fish sticks) ::

The coffee is the best too. Unfortunately, when we were there for lunch, their coffee finished already. Only got Nescafe. We had Nescafe-peng instead. haihz...

:: Ta Pao (big pao) :: Nescafe-peng (extremely KAO) :: Lo Mai Kai ::

:: Their Ta Pao is really nice. Has lotsa ingredients in it (ie: egg, cha sio, etc) ::

:: Oh-Ni (Yam puff) ::
It's very good indeed. The outter layer is very very crispy and the inside is very very delicious.

:: Fried Ti Kueh :: Har Kao ::
Har Kao - One of my favourite. The prawns are very 'Q'

:: Chu Cheung Fun - Cha Sio Flava ::
At its best with the soya sauce + sambal

Really miss all these dim sums.. If only Kuching have such great place that serves GOOD dim sum.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

:+: Happy 15 Meh :+:

Happy Chap Goh Meh
to all..

:: One of Dad's specials: Drunken Prawns ::

Celebrating 15 Meh earlier this year 'cause I won't be in Kuching on THE day. Lol..

My older relatives said that 15 Meh is also the Chinese Valentine's Day..

:: Tim Kam (throw Mandarin Orange) Ceremony ::
So called the tradition whereby the guys waited under the bridge in the river (I think they sit in the sampans) and the ladies will throw mandarin oranges with their names on it from the bridge. =o!

So, I guess that's how they meet their 'fated' partners.

Imagine me doing this.. I bet people row their sampans away before getting hit by my suay Kam.