Monday, April 30, 2007

:+: Pizza Hut 25th Anniversary :+:

Pizza Hut is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary and is giving exclusive online offers.

:+: Eat-Laugh-Share-Dine with Anna :+:

You can print the coupons from here. Valids till 16 May 2007.

If you like to enjoy the Dine-In Offer, present the coupons when making order or you can try to be cute and funny by pasting it on your forehead! JFL (just for laughs) I'm sure the person attending you would get the message instantly. No questions asked!

If you like to enjoy the Delivery & Take Away Offer, this is what you do:
  1. Decide first. Decide whether you like to have 2 Regulars or 2 Large pizzas. Then decide what toppings you like. I had a hard time deciding. (I am an indecisive person) But I decided to get the regulars although large seems tempting but how to finish them? Next, decide whether to pick-up or delivery. Although Kuching is small, but I would rather go pick the pizzas up myself. I cannot tahan waiting for the delivery.
  2. Call 1-300-88-2525. You can call to make your order before picking the pizza. That way, you don't have to go through the long queue and wait for them to prepare the pizza. You can pick up the pizza approximately 40minutes after you hang up with the operator. Remember to quote your coupon code when making order. Otherwise you don't get to enjoy the offer later.
  3. Drive to Pizza Hut and inform them that you've come to pick-up the pizza. Present them the coupon when you make payment.
  4. Enjoy your pizza!

:+: Just hantam all the way back home. So hungry~ :+:

:+: Walk-in Take-Away :+:
As you can see here, it seems that the coupons from the internet is cheaper by RM2 then walk-in price.

:+: Will try these someday... :+:

My all time favourites:

:+: For Supreme toppings, there is an additional of RM3 charged :+:

:+: I prefer Cola than Pepsi :+:
Tips: If your Cola ran out of gas, a cube of lemon can frizz your drink. Frizzy or not, a cube of lemon brings the zest outta it.

:+: Don't need hair dryer lar :+:

Sunday, April 29, 2007

:+: We Are All Winners :+:

I was very very the blur! Half an hour later (exagerate a lil) baru DigesteD.. Slow digestion..

To Erin, Minny, Melly, IngHui, Lisan, Feon-Rabbit, Abby C, Mischique, Belle, Imin, Christina YY, Charmayne, Natalie, Mei Qin, Emily, Adeline, Sasha, Mimi,
We are all winners.. you gals are the hottest! It’s a great pleasure to know u all from this contest.

Many many many Thanks to the Judges for choosing me.

Terima Kasih Banyak-Banyak

Toh Jeh Toh Jeh

Kam Sia Jeh Jeh

There will be a season 2 called “Malaysia’s Next Hot Blogger”.

Read more @ Cedric's Asylum.

Back to chewing my notes. Finals arrrrrrrr.... So I won't be able to go online for about 2 weeks. Miss me, I'll miss you too..

Saturday, April 28, 2007

:+: H. F. B. A. Top 3 :+:

(Taken from Cedric's Asylum)

Congratulations to
Minny & Imin!

Thanks my friends & family for voting me!
Without your support, I wouldn't be in the Top 3!

Many thanks to:
(bestfriends, ex-high schoolmates, collegemates)
Friends' Friends
(MSN, Friendster, Multiply, Hi5)

TheLife Members

Special Thanks to Angel, Ehon and Samantha for promoting in your blog! Owe you guys makan makan.

Cedric Ang
For organizing this wonderful award!

:+: Frappe :+:

Frappe is located in Travillion area. It is a cafe that serve both local and western food. The drinks range from skyjuice to ice blended. The interior design is simple and cozy. Gives the comfortable and welcoming feeling. I like their service. The waitress is very friendly. Good look, good service, good food?

:+: Red Chairs! :+:

:+: It's a comfortable place to hangout:+:
You can even online here. There's wireless internet connection.

They also got Free Card Zone. That's Hana Kimi a Taiwanese Drama. Worth the watch. Recommended.

If you got nothing to do and bored, you can play games here. There are a variety card games and board games. Magazines, Books and Comics to read.

:+: Comfy seat.. Red somemore.. I like! :+:

:+: Nel and Gel, I'm Bel :+:

:+: Peanut Butter Toasts :+:

:+: Mashed Potatoes :+:

:+: Veges are all in my tummy. Gel doesn't eat vege but potato! :+:

:+: This is nice.. Crispy chicken with Black pepper sauce. Very little coleslow :+:

:+: I'm still waiting for my dish :+:

Recommended! The chicken is juicy & sweet. There's mashed potatoes under the chicken. The juice from the chicken gives extra flavour to the mashed potatoes. There's olive oil by the plate to go with. I requested for the black pepper sauce to be separated from the chicken. Thumbs up for this dish d(^.^)b

:+: Gel & Nel DiNe with AnnA :+:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

:+: I'm Sorry Gerald :+:

Refering to my previous entry: :+: No POK I Tell You :+:

I was surfing through Technorati to check on sites that link to my blog. Then, I saw this:

Then this..

My first impression was, "WOW.. someone actually read my blog and even share with his friends." But again, read carefully... The fact is that, this fella is the owner of the lil cute X-ed piggie on my previous post. The truth is that, I was googling for a piggie to be X-ed and I didn't know that I 'pirated' his work. In other words, I was uncouciously and unintendedly 'pirated' his work and X-ed the piggie into my blog. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to appologise to Gerald Lim for the piracy.

P/s: I've changed the piggie for the previous post with this:

:+: Hottest Female Blogger Award - Top 3 :+:

Hottest Female Blogger Award
- Vote for the TOP 3 -

Start Voting Now!!
(vote me =P)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

:+: Top 10 Hottest Female Blogger Award :+:

Check out the result at Cedric's Asylum:

Congrats to those who made it to the Top 10!

Thanks for your votes!!

Never thought I would make it to Top 10
*tao chio tao chio*

Thanks Gel! You're the best!

Happy Birthday Annabelle!!
(Her name is 99% similar to mine, Anna Bella)

Go to her blog now and wish her with Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

:+: Banana Patience :+:

That's right.. Secret Recipe it is. This is my third visit here.

This time I went to Secret Recipe all by myself. Why? hehe.. There was a long queue in MAS Counter. So, I crossed the road and treat myself with some goodie rather than sitting like a dumb *ss waiting for my turn.

:+: Boo hoo.. sitting alone is no fun. IT'S HILLARIOUSLY BORING!! :+:

:+: I feel like I'm the only fish in the sea :+:

:+: I wished someone was there sitting with me :+:

:+: My prize after waiting for 20 minutes (sitting alone a 20 minutes is like centuries) :+:

:+: BANANAS!! YUMMY!! :+:

:+: Look.... Yummy Slurpy Chocolate Banana :+:

:+: I'm going for it~~ :+:

:+: My drink came only when I almost finish the cake :+:

:+: Superlicious :+:

:+: I would like to dedicate this to their service. Slow and steady as an okui :+:

:+: If I'm Ragnarok Priest, I would cast Agility (skill) so they'll move faster! :+:

:+: Dedicate this to MAS service. AS SLOW AND UGLY AS A SNAIL! :+: