Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sorry for the delay. My house computer was sent to the hospital for a few nights. Now when it's back, I couldn't online due to some difficulties.

I hope you all not as disappointed as I am. tee hee..

Take care and God Bless..


Thursday, May 25, 2006

s e n s o

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s e n s o is a stylish place to chill out, the Hilton's newly refurbished bar. It offers a selection of specialty martinis and cocktails. The resident DJ's mix of French house and acid jazz, plus first rate live music, add up to a very back atmosphere, unlike a hotel bar. -

The company, a new travel agency, I'm currently part time-ly working for was invited to GTA's Agents Appreciation Night at s e n s o, Kuching HILTON. weeeeeeee~~ That means I'm invited too. kikiki...

I arrived at the entrance at about 6.45pm (Starts at 6pm). I was late, very. At the entrance, my colleague, Adeline (so sorry for her, she was waiting for me since 6.30pm) and Ms. Wee and Mr. Stephen Leong (the GTA agents) welcomed me. *malu seh*

The interior design is really nice and cozy. I don't know what else to say, just one, the chair I was sitting, I don't really like it, coz I couldn't sit back. I had to sit up straight. grokkkkkkk... There were many familiar faces, but couldn't recall their names. All travel agency in Kuching that supports GTA were invited.

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**I tell you, these chairs aren't comfortable. Can't sit back. =..=**

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The Bar

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This is behind the bar. Look at those food. *Slurps*

Well, my main purpose to s e n s o is the food. hehehe.. Since it's a cocktail party, I expected those goodies such as cakes, finger foods and good drinks. Eventually, I got what I expected, good cakes, good finger foods and definitely good drinks.

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There were chocolate almond cake, coffee or capuchino eclairs, meatballs in some chilli and tomato paste, popia, sio bee, curry puff, fruits (local fruits: honey dew, papaya, watermelon & pineapple), prawn crackers (keropok udang), local kuih and tissues displayed at the bar. On the tables, there were a basket of muruku, candle in a kontot glass, a menu, a bowl of GTA sweets (specially imported from Indonesia), and a card at the size of a post card. We saw other tables got a plate of crackers with it's sauce and olives (MmmMmmm.. olives~), a bowl of peanuts, and some other goodies. So we ordered those too. tee hee..

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- front of the card-

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- the back of it-

There's also waitresses walking around holding a tray of finger food: smoked salmon on bread, chicken on honeydew, and a spoon of something, I didn't try it. First, we were all served with softdrinks and beer. Later that evening, wine is served. I had 3 servings of wine and a glass of sprite.

It ended early at about 8.10pm. The GTA booked the whole place for the evening only. Later the night, it is opened to the public.

Hilton Kuching, Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman, PO Box 2396, 93748 Kuching. Tel: 248200 Fax: 428984. E-mail: Website:

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Introducing DiNe with Anna

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In my high school time, I had a dream of having a restaurant of my own, "DiNe with Anna". I can't remember whose autograph book, but there's one friend's autograph book, I added in a kolaj of "DiNe with Anna".

Where did I get idea of changing "aLL about AnnA" to "DiNe with Anna"? Well, it all started when my Principles of Marketing assignment requires me to create a restaurant in my residential area. I have to create a restaurant name, and immediately i remembered my dream restaurant, "DiNe with Anna". kikiki... The idea of the name inspired me to blog about me eating or making the food.

I wanted to start blogging all about it but, I was packed with assignments and exams. When holiday (less than a week. *pif*) comes, I had to prepare myself for the new semester. Later, when I got used to the new sem, I am packed with assignments and exams again. Erks.. Who said studying was easy??

Secondly, I'm getting bored of writing about myself, and as if there is anyone interested reading them too. Anyway, it is way better to write something informative for others to read and know what we are taking into our tummy. Well, who doesn't like eating? Not all good looking and colorful food is healthy. There are some food that looks good, tastes good and good the body too.

Thirdly, I always receive forwarded mails which are very informative too. Therefore, I think it is a waste to keep all these information to myself whereby I can actually share with everyone and make others' life more colorful and beautiful. hehehe..

I sure hope you all would give comments on my entries so I can improve myself and maybe you can also give some ideas on how to make this a lot more interesting.

Anyway, 'Help me, help you'. HAHAHAHA..

Enjoy and take care~