Monday, February 28, 2005

Third Paper - Business Maths

I need to rush to study for my Microeconomics, which will be on Wednesday. hehehe.. Oh well.. Last minute study bah.. So, I'm gonna cut short what happened today. :)

I did Past Year Papers for Business Maths. I mean all!! All on year 2004. I'm kinda confident for this paper. hehe.. Maths wor.. It's something like add maths.

I drove to college today. At the traffic light, when it's red, I would take out the Formulae paper and go through it. Make sure I get the formulae correct for the question coming out soon. There's no where to park at the parking lot. Wah kao! So i parked at kereta land. tee hee..

Met Adelaide at the cafe withJonathan. hiak hiak.. apa lagi.. Pak tor la!! hahaha.. Adelaide told me that Adeline is in the library. I went up to the library looking for Adeline. There Adeline was last minute reviewing. Whoa.. I took a chair and sat next to her. Wah piang.. she asked me for all types of questions. Hmm... what was she doing during the weekends? HIak Hiak.. mean mean Anna.

In the exam hall..
During the purusal period, I went through the Questions Paper. Hmm.. Objectives section, Yesh..I can do. Section B.. Hmm.. Yesh.. I can do also. Section C.. Hmm.. Yesh.. I can do.
and yes.. I can do the whole paper. And very much confident that I can pass this paper with flying colours. Hoping for a HD. ahaha.. *Floating*

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Seond Paper - Business Law

Today is the second day for the second paper - The Business Law.
I have never liked this Law paper. It's hard, tough, much to memorize and complicated. But, I have learnt a lot from it. Mostly on what we can do and what we can make out of it after learning law. I have learnt that, when we go to shopping centre, those exclusion clauses they stick at the shelves saying, "Nice to see, nice to touch. Once broken, it's consider sold."
This clauses however, is not a valid exclusion clauses in the eyes of the court. A contract will only be valid when the offeror offers, and the offeree accepts the offer. Here, when the item is displayed, it is under an offer. The offeree accepts the offer when paying money at the cashier. So, when u broke something, you don't have to pay, because that is not a valid exclusion clauses that will lead to no valid contract. No valid contract = Exclusion clauses and vice versa. So, my friends... If you got any questions on contract feel free to ask me. Ngahaha..

Well, in this paper... Two questions were from the past year papers. I have memorized the answers for the Past Year Papers and when I looked at the Questions Paper, well.. what do you think. I practically FORGOTTEN everything I have memorized the night before. Do you know how I felt that very second??!! urgh!! Image hosted by I was like.. $#^@!$^%*&^%!$#$#$%$#^@!$^%*&(^%!$#$#$%">^%!$#$#$%$#^@!$^%*&(^%!$#$#$%*^&&^!!!!

Haihzz... oh well.. I only did my best for this paper. Supposed to answer 5 out of 8 questions. I answered 5 questions and only felt confident for 2 questions.

I'm not confident for this paper.. So, wish me luck... Image hosted by

Monday, February 21, 2005

First Paper - Financial Accounting


Finals starting. Last minute studying is what I do best.Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's not only what I do best, but it's also what I always do. Tahahaha...

I did the Past Year Questions on Saturday and Sunday. Looked through this morning. HiAk Hiak.. I felt very nervous on the way to college. *Dip dup Dip dup Dip dup*

GOD knows what questions will be on the papers. >"<

I met Adelaide and Adeline in the library. There, I can see everyone doing last minute revision.Image hosted by Later, Nancy and Esther came. We discussed awhile about what might come out. Adeline and Adelaide took different papers than us. Theirs were the Financial Accounting 3 while ours were Financial Accounting 2. It's almost 1.55pm, then, we went up to the "exam hall".

During the purusal time, I looked through the Questions Paper after writing my name and etc.. In the Questions Paper, I saw some were taken from the Past Year Papers. Wahahahahha... I was so happy as I did all the Past Year Papers.Image hosted by

I can do the paper pretty well and I'm very confident that I could pass this paper with flying colours.. I sure hope so.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Fourth Day of Chinese New Year

It's the fourth day of CNY. Image hosted by

Yomi sms me saying she's coming over with friends. Her ETA(estimated time of arrival) was at 2pm. A few minutes later my aunty and uncle came, along with my two lil cousins, Joel (two years old) and Jessie (one year old) came. Here's a picture of Joel..

Image hosted by

Everyone please meet Joel Lee. Age: 2

Yea.. that's him. The ol' lil' Joel. Nasty at times... Cute at times... Naughty at times... What can you say for a baby boy like him... Image hosted by

Later that day, Adelaide (collegemate) called saying she and her twin sister, Adeline and their friend, Phoebe are coming. Phoebe is also my friend, btw. Ngahaha... And I was still waiting for Yomi's presence. Image hosted by hmm...

Adelaide, Adeline and Phoebe came. Because the house is kinda full, so they have to sit at the dining table. Hee hee.. Adelaide said," You no need take other stuff, just the keropok will do",and really, I mean REALLY. The keropok actually WILL do. They finished the whole big container of keropok.Image hosted by Dasyat li!! hahaa.. We talked for bout half an hour. The time was bout 3++, they made their move and yet.. Yomi's not here yet.

Soon... at bout 4.30pm, Yomi finally came with Hazwan, Sofian, Joel and Jon Wong. Image hosted by Sampai jugak akhirnye~ I din't know that Sofian cannot drink beer. I asked him, he gave me the green light. So, I served Sofian and Jon beer. Then, Yomi asked me why I served him beer. Jeng jeng... Ngahaha.. Kantoi!! apuuu...

Well.. Joel, I mean lil Joel, kept staring at Yomi. Hahaha.. lil fan of Yomi. tee hee.. He kept staring at her and even followed her around the house. FUh.. af first i thought he suak tiok Yomi.. But actual fact.. This lil cousin of mine, never seen girls with real curly hair. HAHAHAHAHA... *peng tiao* You know Yomi, after you guys left, my aunty told me that lil Joel never ever seen a girl with curly hair. Lolz.. I was laughing my head off... Sorry..

After Yomi and the rest left. Joel followed her out. Lolz.. So cute la.

Well, that's all for my CNY. Nothing much happened or should I say, THERE'S NOT MUCH HAPPENINGS!!

Friday, February 11, 2005

The Third Day of Chinese New Year

As usual, on the third day of CNY, my friends and I would go out visiting. It has been since I don't know when we started visiting other friends on the third day.

That morning, Lionel, Andrea and Andrea's lil sis, Arlvelyn came to my house. Angel suppose to join us for visiting but she couldn't make it, because she promised to follow her parents. Yomi supposed to join us, but she couldn't make it, for fear her friends would go over to her house. Ahge supposed to join us too but because her granduncle and family from Hong Kong came to Kuching, so she accompany them. So, in the end, only me, Lionel, Andrea and lil Arlvelyn.

We chit chat awhile at my house and then started to plan where to go. We planned to go to Yomi's place. I called her house and she picked up the phone. She said that she's going over to Joel's place. So, I said, since she's going to Joel's place, we should go over too. Haha...

We all met up at Joel's place. Not long after our arrival few more friends came. Full House... I think we hang out there for bout almost 20 minutes, then we made a move. Next stop was to Yomi's place. And the whole group from Joel's house made a move too, off... everyone went to Yomi's house. And again, we met the same people but at different place. Ngahaha..

At Yomi's place, I received a call from Angel. Something happened at home. So, we planned to pay her a visit. We sat at Yomi's place awhile and disscussed with Drea bout Angel. So, we came to a conclusion in which we go to Drea's house, get her car and go see Angel. Lionel sent us to Drea's place and off he go on his own journey~~

I visited Drea's toilet before we went to Angel's place. Hiak Hiak~

When we reached Angel's place, we met her sister, Jessica and her friends. Angel was inside her parents' room playing computer games.Image hosted by We sat inside the room, disscussing where else to go and whoelse to visit. Talked bout last minute planning. Well that's us.. always doing the last minute planning. It just flow in the blood... Last minute planning... Last minute studying... Last minute assignments... Last minute etc.. etc..

Drea wanted to go to Isabel and Karol's place. So,in the end we went out of the house and sat in the car thinking of where to go. We made a decision of going to Karol's place then to Isabel's place and then off to home. Drea needs to be home before 5pm coz there's a mass that evening. We called Karol, she said she won't be home and she was on the way to Valerie's house. Valerie Then.. I have known this girl since primary school. So, we decided to join Karol and visit Valerie.It's been such a long time since I talked to Valerie. Dulu dulu kat sekolah bukan main fren tau.. Ngahaha... Karol sms us the sms Valerie sent her for the directions to her house. Her house is somewhere Sunny Hill area. We followed the directions and yet couldn't find her house. Then we stopped at Sunny Hill ice-cream for some ice-cream while waiting for Karol. We told Karol our adventure and using the English skills we had to find the house. Well, the directions are the same as those we learnt in school. Turn left at what T-junction la... What forkroad la... etc.. etc.. And yet.. we couln't find the house. We called Valerie and asked her. Still, we couldn't find her house. In the end, she and some guy (prolly her brother or bf Image hosted by ), drove to Sunny Hill to lead us the way. Then, we realised, the directions she sent to Karol is actually the directions from her house going to the Sunny HIll ice-cream!! Image hosted by I almost peng tiao in the car.

We sat and watched Astro at Valerie's place. Then, Arlvelyn complained to Drea how hungry she was. Hee hee.. It's already past lunch. So we planned to have lunch before going to Karol's place. We had our lunch at Singapore Chicken Rice at 3rd Mile there. There...Arlvelyn called me MUMMY!! Dasyat..Image hosted by Dahla so loud again. apuuu... Everyone looked at me. My gosh! Imagine me at this age got anak at the age of 6. LOLZZ!! We planned for our next destination. We couldn't think of wherelse to go. Then i suggested Bryan's place. Lolzz.. Never met Bryan in person before, but Drea and I chatted with him online before. Funny and crazy fella. Lotsa sense of humor. Ngahaha.. So we agreed. I called Bryan asking for his house address and whether he'll be at home anot. He said that at that time there's a lot of people at his place, and I told him we'll be going a lil later after the call. He said sure. Not long after that, my cousin, Gladys smsed saying she wants to join us. She too knows Bryan. My my.. what a small small world. I called her back telling her that we are going to Bryan's place. Told her to meet up at the Tyre shop opposite Lodge. In which I don't know that there two different location of Lodge. Then we met up at the different Tyre shop. So, we went looking for Gladys and "fetced" her. She tag along behind us. We hang out at Bryan's place awhile then we have to make a move since he's going for the movies (Constantine) and he was supposed to fetch a friend for the movie. Then we take a look at his puppies before leaving. oh ya.. by the way, he was late for the movies and I apologized so many damn times when he told me that night when we were online.Image hosted by

Bryan's place was the last spot for us. Angel and Drea went home, while I join Gladys for the "second round" visiting.

In total, I visited 13 houses. That really breaks the record. Image hosted by Photobucket.comHAHAHAHA... I wonder if I can visit that amount again next year. (crosses fingers) Image hosted by

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year~!!

May you all have a prosperous Chinese New Year. It's the year of Chicken/Hen/Cock.. It's Rooster! hehe..

I just wanna wish u all a very Happy Chinese New Year. hahaha.. u all noe wad i wanna say. Lazy i wanna say it. wahahahah.. People in mood to play firecrackers liaw ma. hahaha..

Check 'em out~~!!:

*Match Crackers*


*Cha Lei/Coulour Flower*

*Flowers Charm*
Use only under close adult supervision.
For outdoor use only. Place on hard,
flat, smooth surface.Lightfuse and
get away. Do not hold in hand.

*Fish bomb*

*King Cat*

Monday, February 07, 2005

Four Assignments = Mission Impossible

hey all...

miss me? i bet not. it seems like everyone is so busy preparing for cny. hrmpH!!
everyone got the mood for cny... but NOT me. i have to pia 4 assignments, Financial Accounting 2, Business Maths, Business Law and Microeconomics. I did FA2, BM n Law in advance and yet not complete. Started doing the Microeco yesterday. Keng lei? ahaha..

At bout 2.57am on 7th Feb 2005, I completed ALL FOUR ASSIGNMENTS!! I am proud of myself, but have no confidence on the Microeconomics Assg. Oh well.. last minute work ba. Tough job babeh...

GUESS WHAT??!! The due date for submission for all 4 of these assignments are on the 7th FEB 2005, 9pm. That's today. I'm gonna get a good sleep before submitting my assignments to college. eheks~~

Oh ya, i got my a new webcam. Finally i got it. I took some shots of my assignments. Sempat...

*All four assignments*

*Close up for the cover*

*The thickness of 4 assignments*

During assignment

*after i've completed all 4 (bangga la tek)*

*Backups!! incase anything happen to the cpu*

My gosh!! look at the time. its already 4:27am. I better get my beauty sleep. C ya around..
One more.. Welcome back Drea~~