Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Fourth Day of Chinese New Year

It's the fourth day of CNY. Image hosted by

Yomi sms me saying she's coming over with friends. Her ETA(estimated time of arrival) was at 2pm. A few minutes later my aunty and uncle came, along with my two lil cousins, Joel (two years old) and Jessie (one year old) came. Here's a picture of Joel..

Image hosted by

Everyone please meet Joel Lee. Age: 2

Yea.. that's him. The ol' lil' Joel. Nasty at times... Cute at times... Naughty at times... What can you say for a baby boy like him... Image hosted by

Later that day, Adelaide (collegemate) called saying she and her twin sister, Adeline and their friend, Phoebe are coming. Phoebe is also my friend, btw. Ngahaha... And I was still waiting for Yomi's presence. Image hosted by hmm...

Adelaide, Adeline and Phoebe came. Because the house is kinda full, so they have to sit at the dining table. Hee hee.. Adelaide said," You no need take other stuff, just the keropok will do",and really, I mean REALLY. The keropok actually WILL do. They finished the whole big container of keropok.Image hosted by Dasyat li!! hahaa.. We talked for bout half an hour. The time was bout 3++, they made their move and yet.. Yomi's not here yet.

Soon... at bout 4.30pm, Yomi finally came with Hazwan, Sofian, Joel and Jon Wong. Image hosted by Sampai jugak akhirnye~ I din't know that Sofian cannot drink beer. I asked him, he gave me the green light. So, I served Sofian and Jon beer. Then, Yomi asked me why I served him beer. Jeng jeng... Ngahaha.. Kantoi!! apuuu...

Well.. Joel, I mean lil Joel, kept staring at Yomi. Hahaha.. lil fan of Yomi. tee hee.. He kept staring at her and even followed her around the house. FUh.. af first i thought he suak tiok Yomi.. But actual fact.. This lil cousin of mine, never seen girls with real curly hair. HAHAHAHAHA... *peng tiao* You know Yomi, after you guys left, my aunty told me that lil Joel never ever seen a girl with curly hair. Lolz.. I was laughing my head off... Sorry..

After Yomi and the rest left. Joel followed her out. Lolz.. So cute la.

Well, that's all for my CNY. Nothing much happened or should I say, THERE'S NOT MUCH HAPPENINGS!!

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