Monday, February 21, 2005

First Paper - Financial Accounting


Finals starting. Last minute studying is what I do best.Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's not only what I do best, but it's also what I always do. Tahahaha...

I did the Past Year Questions on Saturday and Sunday. Looked through this morning. HiAk Hiak.. I felt very nervous on the way to college. *Dip dup Dip dup Dip dup*

GOD knows what questions will be on the papers. >"<

I met Adelaide and Adeline in the library. There, I can see everyone doing last minute revision.Image hosted by Later, Nancy and Esther came. We discussed awhile about what might come out. Adeline and Adelaide took different papers than us. Theirs were the Financial Accounting 3 while ours were Financial Accounting 2. It's almost 1.55pm, then, we went up to the "exam hall".

During the purusal time, I looked through the Questions Paper after writing my name and etc.. In the Questions Paper, I saw some were taken from the Past Year Papers. Wahahahahha... I was so happy as I did all the Past Year Papers.Image hosted by

I can do the paper pretty well and I'm very confident that I could pass this paper with flying colours.. I sure hope so.

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