Friday, January 27, 2006

"Courage is the master of fear"

Last time, sometime last year, sometime near to CNY, the National TV always come out with many many many CNY advertisements. One of it that I could remember is the YEOs advert bout the Fortune Cookies.

To me, Fortune Cookie is just somesort cookie with paper in it. The paper in it usually some wishes.

Have you watched Freaky Friday?? The part where both the mother and daughter ate the Fortune Cookie and then the next day, they found out that they 'switched' body. Remember??

Yesterday, my mum gave me a Fortune Cookie. Her colleague gave it to her. Eeeeeeeeee.. Will it bring me fortune or what??
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The Fortune Cookie

Later that night, my mum asked me if I've eaten the Fortune Cookie yet. Well, I haven't opened it yet. What more to say eating it. HohOhO..

So I gave the cookie to her. She slowly opened it and my dad quickly grabbed it and started sniffing.. SNIFFING THE COOKIE!!! yuck la..

Then I snatched it from him and 'opened'..


There's a small piece of paper in it. Dad took half of the cookie and straightaway into his mouth. Still holding the piece of paper in one hand and the other half of the cookie in the other hand. I threw the cookie into my mouth and *GRAP* *GRAP* *GRAP*...
The cookie is so damn sweet le..

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Courage is the master of fear

I didn't get to take a picture of the cookie.. but Ifound a picture that looked exactly the same.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I also went through the net and found some interesting stuff...

Your Fortune Is

He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Give it a click and find out your fortune cookie of the day. Enjoy~ Image hosting by Photobucket

Monday, January 23, 2006

"lama tak blog ei.."

It's been awhile since I last blogged and I've not been online for real for almost a week. If Dennis din't mention about blogging, I would have forgotten bout my no. 9 resolution of the year.

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Things were crazy back last week. Worst was last night.
Hoping for a great new start this week and enjoy CNY to the fullest and not to the emptiest ($$$). hiak hiak..

I will start blogging like before. I'm still guessing who and how many people are actually reading this blog. Hmmmmm..

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Image hosting by Photobucket
you tell me..

Monday, January 09, 2006

Shopping at Hock Lee

After lunch we went to Cute Cute Shop. When we reached there, it was closed and there's a piece of paper sticking on it. It says that the shop had moved to Hock Lee. Since we've got nothing to do and got nowhere to go, so we went to Hock Lee and pay the shop a visit. "Shop-warming" (House-warming)

In the car, I told the rest that I'm going to tell the Tauke that I came all the way from one end of the world to the other end just to buy something from your shop. And hoping for some disounts. Ngek Ngek Ngek.. The rest just laughed in the car.

When we walked into the shop, everyone started to do their own thing. Go see whatever that caught their eyes. My purpose is to buy a new hanging asset for my handphone. While looking through all the ling ling long long, I talked to the Tauke-Nio.

Na: You know, I went to your shop. The one opposite Tun Jugah. From there, I found out you moved here. I purposely come all the way from there.
Tauke-Nio: Oh really? Wah.. This is really something. Very well, I'll give you special discount on anything you buy.
Na:*Looked at the Elea with a BIG grin* Ok.. Thanks..
Tauke-Nio: You bought that bear from us? *Looking at the bear hanging at my phone*
Na: Oh this? yea..

Elea and I busy went through the dolly molly. I couldn't make up my mind whether to get the frog or the hippo. I asked Elea for opinion. The more I look at the hippo, the more I don't like the frog. kakaka.. the hippo is too cute. We agreed that the hippo is the one and so I decided to get the hippo instead.

We went through up and down, left and right of the shop. Everything is cute but just for see not to own that kind of things. There are some sort of scented bears. Really cute and smells really nice. I loved the light purple bear with Lilac scent and the brown bear with chocolate scent. So nice~~

I walked to the cashier to pay for the Hippo. It cost RM5.90. I took out a RM10 note, the tauke-nio didn't take. Instead she took out some magazine paper that's made into small little bag. She pushed the hippo in and looked up at me.

Tauke-Nio: Do you want me to take off the price tag?
Na: Sure *smile*
Tauke-Nio: Sorry for the ugly paper bag, we have nice little paper bags but I couldn't find it.
Na: Oh.. It's ok. No problem. *Just hurry up with the bag*
Sales Ass: Here's the paper bags.
Tauke-Nio: Oh good.. *Went through the paper bags to look for a small one*
Na: It's ok la.. No need nice nice paper also nvm.
Tauke-Nio: Is this ok with you?
Na: Yeah sure. *OMG.. 5D liaw..*
Tauke-Nio: *Gently took out the bear and pushed into the other bag* Where's the solotape?
Sales Ass: Here.. *put on some ribbon*
Tauke-Nio: *scold her* Tak nampak ribbon dekat sana ka?? bla bla bla.. @#^$##@^&@#!&!!
Na: *fuyo.. ganas*
Tauke-Nio: aiyo.. she didn't see the ribbon later kemek need to repair bla bla bla..
Na: *quick la.. looked at Angel* -..-|||
Angel: *outside the shop ROFLMAO*
Tauke-Nio: *Fold the top of the paper bag* Where's my scissors ar?? I know here got one lei..
Sales Ass: Here..

The Tauke-Nio gently fold the top of the paper bag and stick the solotape. Suddenly, there was a small tear there. She went to cut a smaller tape but it stick on the scissors and she tried to take it off, to no avail, she went to cut another tape. Finally, she was done wrapping up the hippo.

Image hosted by
The small torn part

Image hosted by
The result for the forever wait

Tauke-Nio: Is this for your friend?

Na: *Ngaiti.. You wrapped till so 'nice', if I say for myself, you'll puke blood* YA YA..
Tauke-Nio: I don't have smaller plastic bag.
Na: Nvm le.. I can just hold it. *Hand her the note* How much?
Tauke-Nio: RM5.90 and the paper bag is for you.
Na: *apa discount?* -..-||| ok..

I walked out of the shop when suddenly the Tauke-Nio called me back.

Tauke-Nio: Xiao Jie Xiao Jie!! *wave wave*
Na: *walked back in* Ya?
Tauke-Nio: This plastic bag bigger le, but it's better than holding it. You might ruined the wrapping.
Na: Oh ok.. -..-|| *Damn SWT arrr*

Na: This is the first time I buy something SMALL that cost just RM5.90 and it took me forever to purchase it.
Gel: Hahahaha *rofl* She don't want you to leave her shop. Too kan tung you came all the way to buy from her.

By the time i reached home, I just roughly opened the wrapping. Here's my new phone's asset.
Image hosted by

First Day in the First Class of the First Semester

I was dancing on my bed last night. I was struggling to sleep. It was 2.15am and I'm not even close to sleepy. I tried counting imaginery bah bah black sheep in my mind. I counted till 100 and still dead awake. I sms few people and disturb them. ngek ngek ngek..

God knows when I fell asleep..

vrrooooOOommmMmmm... Bushhh basshh... klingggg klangg..
Mum just hantam come into my room.

Mum: Na, ki lai liaw (wake up liaw). Pek (8) tiam lo (It's 8am already). Wa ta tiok si late liaw (I'm so going to be late). Ki lai liaw ki lai liaw (Wake up wake up)...
*mum switched off the air cond*
Na: *Look at the time.. 7.49am!! and she said it was 8 already.* -..-|||
*mum went back to her room*

I zombie walked to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror wondering who the fuck is that panda. Oh damn!! It's me. Anna...

When I reached coll, I met Adeline and Ethel sitting at the entrance.
Na: Hi..
Line & Ethel: Hi..
Na: Laide lei?
Line: Check email.
Na: Ohhh... -..-

My first class of the year.. How nice does that sound like? Not bad aye? hmph.. not entirely...

In class, I saw the lecturer, Ms. Janice Sim sitting at her place. She looked small and bully-able. But then, like people always say, "Never judge a book by its cover." And anyone who don't believe that statement is a bloody idiot.

First she asked each and everyone for their names. When it reached my turn;
Na: Anna
Lec: *looking into the list* What?
Na: *can't hear me meh? oh ok..*Anna
Lec: *look into the list again* I can't hear you. Again?
Na: Anna Bella *cool.. cool..*
Lec: What is your full name?
Na: Anna Bella Wong *keep it cool..*
Lec:*look at the stupid name list again!* Again please..
Na: Anna Bella Wong!! *Grah!!! >:[*
Lec: Ohhhh... Anna?
Na: -..-||| YES.. *wtf*

Then she started all the rules about coming in late for class and etc.. She got this thing with people coming in late. We're suppose to be in class before 11am, but we went in at 11.15am. She told the whole class that class gonna end at 12.45 instead of 12.30 because we went in late. *GRAH!!!*

Class was ok? I almost fell asleep. -..-||| I drew my notes to pass time. Didn't really pay attention. Too tired to do so.

During break time, we sat at the entrance there (as usual). Sometime later, some other students started to talk about the college changed name.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

*sniff sniff*
Nomore, "I Become More Stupid" or "International Big Mouth Society" or "aI Bin Mai Su" and lots more..

Now it's SEGI College.. We'll just wait till someone come out with something from it. Ngahahaha..

Saturday, January 07, 2006


I miss the good old times back in high school.
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SMB St. Teresa, Kuching

Jokes & Laughters
Bullied & Bullying

Yesterday, Angel, Elea, Vic and me went to Summer House for some ICE. Vic had coke while three of us had Jagung Peng. So miss it. For your information, it's still cost RM1.30. Ngek ngek ngek.

We talked a lot about what we do and how we do things last time. I still remember the way we crossed the road from St. Jude to Summer House last time. All of us so scared and alert. We're so scared to get spotted by parents or parents' friends or relatives. haahaha.. how stupid.. Not like we ponteng class what.. That was when we were in Form 1 or 2?

We laughed at our 'dan-chun-ness'.

I still remember the time we were taking class photograph in form 5. We took pictures at the Panggung Udara. On the way back, me, Drea, Gel, ahGe, Yomi and some other classmates, sneaked to Summer House. While eating, we saw Mr. Voon (our teacher) walking back to school. When we saw him, we all left our seats and hid behind the wall. Hahaha.. Those were the times...

Image hosted by
-=] 5 Science 3 [=-

"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever"
-=] Vitamin C - Graduation Song [=-

I still remember we were eating chicken wing and fries while teacher was teaching. Then, the smell, the good smell of the chicken wing (i miss u chicken wing!!) went all over the classroom. The teacher stopped teaching and asked who's eating. As usual, noone will tell the truth. We just gave an innocent look on our face with BIG question mark on our head saying, SIAPA MAKAN HA??


I still remember how we disturb Miss Wong. Everytime Mr. Voon walked passed our class, we would go *ahem ahem*. That Miss Wong would BLUSH man. Blushed till both her cheeks turn damn red/PINK. So that's how she got the nickname of PinkMonster. I remember that PinkMonster always pick on our cute angel, ahGe. I'm always there to attack whenever she attacked ahGe. (rasa hero bah) ngek ngek ngek... I remember there's one time, PinkMonster called me up to the teacher's table for being loud. (as usual le) She made me stand in front of her and everyone in the class. I felt no shame that time, infact I don't care. When I stood there, I made contacts with my friends at the back. She for one, not happy that I'm not pai seh standing in front of everyone asked to look at her not my friends. So, fine.. I stared at her the whole time. It din't take long for me to get my guts. I asked her,"T-Cher, why your face so red one??"
She looked up at me and asked me to go back to my seat.
We made her cried few times in class and our class teacher, Mr. Voon would come in and scold us. bla bla bla..

I still remember someone brought condom to school and I'm not going to say who is it, but I'm sure most of you who studied in St. 3 in my year would know about it. That @#%%$&*( condom got us into so much trouble. Because of that condom, there was a sudden spot check. Last time, everytime before a spot check, our informer would let us know and we would hide all the illegal stuff. Angel, Drea, Yomi and I had special spot check. The prefects went through our things gazzillion times and worst of all, they wanted to strip check us!! When they told us about the strip check, we blew up! We kaboom the prefects and shouted at them. wtf la.. strip check us for what?!?! It's not us who kept the condom for that person le. That time, we were not even friend with her. GRAH!!! There's also small fight going on too. The friend of the girl who brought the condom threatened to poke Yomi's eyes with the forceps. That got us all into the PKHEM office. We had to kek kin say sorry to each other and had to suffocate ourselves listening to the teacher lecture. Bla bla bla..

There were lots of memories in ST3. All the good and bad times, all the sweet and bitter thoughts and all the friends and people I met and knew.

Sushi Fortune Telling

I was bored while online. Also kind of disappointed. My friend, Iris will only be in Kuching after the Chinese New Year. I wish she's just pulling my legs.

I was curious about fortune telling. So, I went to googles and entered 'fortune teller'. A whole long damn list came out. Got fortune teller this and that. BUT, one took my attention.
Sushi Fortune TellingChoose five sushi dishes and get a fortune about your personality, goals, wishes, and loves. - 27k - Cached - Similar pages
I went into that page and saw many sushi spinning around the Jap Chef. Looks yummy~~

Image hosted by

First, you pick the sushi you liked in order then click on the soy sauce (tao you) or to cancel and to repick again click the chopsticks.

My pick:

Image hosted by

My result:

Image hosted by

Because the picture I uploaded is too big to fit into the blog, so I have to resize them. Just click on them to see the actual size. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Try it out...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Midnite Kisses

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Those are kisses but what are Midnight Kisses?
kisses during the midnight?
chuk chuk?
Well, these are midnight kisses I'm referring to:

Image hosted by

I went to the kitchen after I brushed my teeth. I saw dishes to wash, so I went over to the sink and picked up the sponge. I almost jumped 1km away and my eyeballs almost drop out.

Image hosted by
I saw this

I saw this big black plastic bags filled with ''chuk chuk' inside and outside around it. I din't realise what it is till I saw some movements going around the plastic bag. I heard chiak chik chiak (plastic bag sound).


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Post New Year?

A question had been bugging me since the 1st. So I went to ask anyone I know in Msn to get some answers..

Victim No. 1: Yomi

Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
wanna ask u smth
yom| says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
if a day before new year is called new year eve
yom| says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
wad do u call a day after new year
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
yom| says:
Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:

Image hosted by
yom| says:
one day after new year?
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
knot be la
yom| says:
never thought of it though
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
den y is it not called one day before new year
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
it's been buggin me eversince the 1st
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
Image hosted by
yom| says:
yom| says:
you go think so much
yom| says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
too much private time bah
yom| says:
yom| says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
Image hosted by
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
y ppl invent a term for new year eve
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
but none for the day after new year
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
yom| says:
belated new year?
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
there should be a term
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
prolly we all dunno yet.
yom| says:
yom| says:
yom| says:
yom| says:
i dunno
yom| says:
cant help you thee
yom| says:
yom| says:
got ask your parents?
yom| says:
everytime i dunno i ask my mum
yom| says:
last resort la

Victim No. 2: (Jason)

 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
wanna ask u smth
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
if one day b4 new year is new year eve
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
wad is one day after new year
∂完颜不破∂½ says:
Image hosted by
∂完颜不破∂½ says:
gt c|ue b0
∂完颜不破∂½ says:
Image hosted by
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
no clue
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
coz i dunno the answer
∂完颜不破∂½ says:
1st day 0f new yeAr gua
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
Image hosted by

Victim No. 3: Richard

 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
if a day before new year is called new year eve
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
wad do u call the day after new year
【 Đ ε α đ Є м ө т ı ө и ѕ 】 - Disintegrated - 【死の情感】 I Love Suzuka Ohgo >_< style="font-weight: bold;" face="courier new"> ya
【 Đ ε α đ Є м ө т ı ө и ѕ 】 - Disintegrated - 【死の情感】 I Love Suzuka Ohgo >_<>dono wor
 Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
Ä ń ņ ň ά ® œ says:
nm le

So.. What exactly is the answer?
Angel said that it might be called as POST New Year. This is because when after the communion, they will say sing some song for the POST communion. Well, that might be true, but don't you think Post New Year sounds funny?

Mushroom Soup Anyone?

I've been not sleeping at the correct time, wake up at the right time and eating at the right time for the past few days. Averagely I've been sleeping at 3AM and waking up at about 12.30PM to 3PM, or maybe later. Recently, I'm in the Puasa Mood. I eat a meal in a day, dinner. Even puasa people eat 2meals a day. I for one eat one meal a day. tsk.. check out the time I wake up.. I think I can lose some extra goodies *hopefully* although it's not a good way. hehe..

I don't go out with anyone. Just parents. Noone else. Not with friends or relatives. I stay at home most of the time, MOST OF THE TIME. I think I spent 24hours at home and occasionally 22 hours. Once new Semester begins, I think I'll spent averagely 10-15 hours a day.

Q: What do I do at home?

  • Sleep
  • Projects
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • TV
  • Stars
  • Chores
  • Daydreaming
  • Disturbing someone around, esp my Bro
  • SMS people, to reach my 100sms daily
  • Hide inside my room, thinking of how to refurnish it
  • Drawing
  • Surfing
  • Blogging
  • Chatting
  • Lying around
  • Grab a bite of junk food (I got a bar of chocolate in my room)
I wasted my days through by sleeping. Sometimes, when I wake up at 12.30PM, I'll get somemore sleep in the afternoon at about 3++ for one hour or more. After that, it's dinner. So it's like sleep and eat. Usually after dinner, I'll go online for couple of hours like, 6hours than I go to my room. In my room, I'll either do my small projects, draw or do jigsaw puzzle. When it's 2-3Am, it's time to sleep. In bed, when I'm not sleepy, I'll pick up my handphone and play the games in it or sms someone and chat till I'm asleep.

All I know is that, if I don't enjoy my holiday as much as possible like now, I won't have the chance anymore. When new sem begins, I can't spend anytime for myself. Doing all these activities what others call it as growing mushroom. To me, it's private and personal hang out.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The New Year Countdown

dkxAt about 8.15pm, my dad's friend arrived. We walked to Kenyalang. It was a ±3 minutes walk. When we arrived, there were lotsa people crowding in front of the stage. Looked like those concerts going on. It was kinda happening at first. To my HEAD-SMACK surprise, there's also some TRADITIONAL DANCING too. wah peh!! You know those kling-klang song with those China China costume with long sleeves. REALLY HAPPENING LE..

We walked around Kenyalang area. In and out every shops. Not one to be missed.
In all of the shops, all those decorations for CNY are being displayed. I can't keep my eyes away from the pair of lions dancing there.

The 100% Discount Store is the champion for the night. Among all the shops, that shop has the highest amount of PEEPS in it.
Image hosted by
Just look at all these peeps. Where did they all come from? MarS? *wild guess*

I dare not walk at the 'road' and damnly not going in. Somehow, my mum had her way to make me go in. *shrugs* Once I'm in there, I saw so so so many CHINA goods cheap like no peanuts around. I saw the cross sticth thingy, exactly the same ones I saw in another shop I went in before this. That other shop sold it at RM5.90 and here, it's sold at RM1.80!! How the hell this people make business?? JIAT LATT ARRRRR!!I also want to learn that kinda kung fu.

Kekekeke.. In this kind of thing going on, who dares say that food is not important??
Kenyalang most famous FRIED CHICKEN stall. yummy~~ Once you step your feet into the food market (i called it food market), you will not, CANNOT miss the big YELLOW sign that spells SAN TU WANG bla bla bla..
Image hosted by
Look at those hanging chickens.. big and juicy.. *slurps*

I ordered a chicken.. pok pok keh.. It cost RM14.00, comes along with 2 packets of chillie sauce, 2 lime, 1 packet of powder (those powder that looked like the som boi hun [sour plum powder]) and most importantly the plastic bag.*BIG GRIN*

Image hosted by
The chopped chicken. Now it looked so little. *sigh*

After feeding the most important part of the body, we went to torture our ears and eyes. Too many people up in front of the stage, so we just stood somewhere in the middle. There's a white screen with projected images on it. Can't take the pic of the stage. Too far away.
Image hosted by
See see see.. Hear hear hear.. *GRAHHHH*

There are some good singers and dancers. When there's good, there's also bad. There's this one guy, he sang some chinese song. His voice kana wanna come out don't wanna come out like that. At first we thought something wrong with his mic. Then, while singing, some fella went to change his mic. IT'S STILL THE SAME LA! **I think if I sing Negaraku, people will cheer for me rather than him** Balik rumah tengok tv lagi best! *I'm mean and I know that*

The people wearing the yellow shirt gave out the lucky draw coupons to everyone. ngek ngek ngek.. Lucky draw~~

My brother went home earlier. Buh bye John.. I've got nomore entertainment, so I just take some pictures of myself. Dengan sialnye, because of the 'romantic' lighting, I look like a floating ghost. Instead, I took my own shadow. *wow.. slimnye.. XD!!!*

It was close to 11pm, they got tired and ah Heng went to get some boxes. ngehehehe.. Kononnye la he found sponsor.
Image hosted by
sponsored by Ligo

Image hosted by
from left to right: Mum, Mrs ahHeng and ahHeng (my dad lucky got chair, God knows who abandoned that chair)

Probably from the singing, the weather from cool and liang liang turned to cool and chilly. That means that it's going to rain. From clear sky with visible bright stars shining, the sky had white cotton candies covering the stars from view. It's time to go home. It's going to rain soon. So we walked back. *Buh BYe lucky draw~*

Reached home at about 11.15pm. The adults do their talking while I go online. New Year Eve without liquor?? You've got to be kidding me..
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Bacardi and Coke (too bad no lemon.. not so syiokzzz)

Found Dennis online there. At least there's someone to accompany me. We both online for about 2years! ngahaha.. from 2005-2006. Took some pictures of myself. As usual le..
Image  hosted by

When the clock strikes 12, I can hear fireworks outside the house. What is a New Year without fireworks. I brought my phone out with me and took some pictures of the fireworks. I even took a video of it.
Image hosted by
wahhh.. my fav colour is in the sky..

Well, that's my New Year Eve to New Year...