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I miss the good old times back in high school.
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SMB St. Teresa, Kuching

Jokes & Laughters
Bullied & Bullying

Yesterday, Angel, Elea, Vic and me went to Summer House for some ICE. Vic had coke while three of us had Jagung Peng. So miss it. For your information, it's still cost RM1.30. Ngek ngek ngek.

We talked a lot about what we do and how we do things last time. I still remember the way we crossed the road from St. Jude to Summer House last time. All of us so scared and alert. We're so scared to get spotted by parents or parents' friends or relatives. haahaha.. how stupid.. Not like we ponteng class what.. That was when we were in Form 1 or 2?

We laughed at our 'dan-chun-ness'.

I still remember the time we were taking class photograph in form 5. We took pictures at the Panggung Udara. On the way back, me, Drea, Gel, ahGe, Yomi and some other classmates, sneaked to Summer House. While eating, we saw Mr. Voon (our teacher) walking back to school. When we saw him, we all left our seats and hid behind the wall. Hahaha.. Those were the times...

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-=] 5 Science 3 [=-

"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever"
-=] Vitamin C - Graduation Song [=-

I still remember we were eating chicken wing and fries while teacher was teaching. Then, the smell, the good smell of the chicken wing (i miss u chicken wing!!) went all over the classroom. The teacher stopped teaching and asked who's eating. As usual, noone will tell the truth. We just gave an innocent look on our face with BIG question mark on our head saying, SIAPA MAKAN HA??


I still remember how we disturb Miss Wong. Everytime Mr. Voon walked passed our class, we would go *ahem ahem*. That Miss Wong would BLUSH man. Blushed till both her cheeks turn damn red/PINK. So that's how she got the nickname of PinkMonster. I remember that PinkMonster always pick on our cute angel, ahGe. I'm always there to attack whenever she attacked ahGe. (rasa hero bah) ngek ngek ngek... I remember there's one time, PinkMonster called me up to the teacher's table for being loud. (as usual le) She made me stand in front of her and everyone in the class. I felt no shame that time, infact I don't care. When I stood there, I made contacts with my friends at the back. She for one, not happy that I'm not pai seh standing in front of everyone asked to look at her not my friends. So, fine.. I stared at her the whole time. It din't take long for me to get my guts. I asked her,"T-Cher, why your face so red one??"
She looked up at me and asked me to go back to my seat.
We made her cried few times in class and our class teacher, Mr. Voon would come in and scold us. bla bla bla..

I still remember someone brought condom to school and I'm not going to say who is it, but I'm sure most of you who studied in St. 3 in my year would know about it. That @#%%$&*( condom got us into so much trouble. Because of that condom, there was a sudden spot check. Last time, everytime before a spot check, our informer would let us know and we would hide all the illegal stuff. Angel, Drea, Yomi and I had special spot check. The prefects went through our things gazzillion times and worst of all, they wanted to strip check us!! When they told us about the strip check, we blew up! We kaboom the prefects and shouted at them. wtf la.. strip check us for what?!?! It's not us who kept the condom for that person le. That time, we were not even friend with her. GRAH!!! There's also small fight going on too. The friend of the girl who brought the condom threatened to poke Yomi's eyes with the forceps. That got us all into the PKHEM office. We had to kek kin say sorry to each other and had to suffocate ourselves listening to the teacher lecture. Bla bla bla..

There were lots of memories in ST3. All the good and bad times, all the sweet and bitter thoughts and all the friends and people I met and knew.

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