Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sushi Fortune Telling

I was bored while online. Also kind of disappointed. My friend, Iris will only be in Kuching after the Chinese New Year. I wish she's just pulling my legs.

I was curious about fortune telling. So, I went to googles and entered 'fortune teller'. A whole long damn list came out. Got fortune teller this and that. BUT, one took my attention.
Sushi Fortune TellingChoose five sushi dishes and get a fortune about your personality, goals, wishes, and loves. - 27k - Cached - Similar pages
I went into that page and saw many sushi spinning around the Jap Chef. Looks yummy~~

Image hosted by

First, you pick the sushi you liked in order then click on the soy sauce (tao you) or to cancel and to repick again click the chopsticks.

My pick:

Image hosted by

My result:

Image hosted by

Because the picture I uploaded is too big to fit into the blog, so I have to resize them. Just click on them to see the actual size. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Try it out...

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