Friday, February 17, 2006

See you soooooooon...

I won't be home till Sunday. I'm going off now. Stop missing me, ok? XD I hate sneezing all the time. hua hua hua..

Take care and have a nice weekend!!

See you all SoooooooooooooN..

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

when you're bored...

Everytime when Dennis and I are bored online, we'll do our thing.. Either we mamak or these:

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you'll get..
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before & after
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Few minutes ago..

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Look alike ma??
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Welcome Back Iris

Went to pick Iris from the airport yesterday noon. She departed at 11.20++am, I reached the airport at about 11.30am. tee hee..

We wanted to have lunch over at Thymes. Sadly.. It was not opened. I thought they don't open on Mondays. Probably they got tired from the night before (Valentine). So, we had our lunch at Lam's.

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so sikit stuff in the soup.. =..=

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rice so much..

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getting all the sauces! we pay for it wad.. XD

I'm tagged for the first time...

Lalalala... I just had my shower and thought of doing my assignment when I thought maybe visiting some friends' blog would be interesting. Then, I found out that I was tagged by Yomi. huhuhuhu...

1. What did you do for the last Valentine's?
duh.. last year.. that's like 364 days ago! sorry can't remember. But I remember I didn''t celebrate it.

2. What are you planning to do for the next Valentine's (tomorrow)?
LOL!! found out I got tagged one day after Valentine. So how do I answer this question?

3. What would be the ideal place to celebrate Valentine's?
Eating at some place cozy with great food and wine.

4. What qualities in a person would make an ideal Valentine's date for you?
Funny (able to make me laugh non-stop and yet able to stop me from laughing), i'll feel comfortable around him, never so serious, understanding and definitely have the same interest plus plus is a SUPER HUNK (dream on gurll)

5. What gifts would you buy/have bought for your partner?
hmmmm... that's a tough question. PASS!!

6. What gifts have you received/would like to receive from your partner?
Chocolates chocolates and more chocolates. grah grah.. yomi you can give your chocolates if you received any.. kakakaka..

7. What's your all-time favourite romantic movie?
hiak hiak.. err... watched too many movies that I don't have any favourite ones. i agree with yomi that ever after is a romantic movie. couldn't agree more..

8. If you could choose any person on earth to be your date on Valentine's, who would it be?
hahahaha.. don't know..

I shall stop the tagging with this [dot]..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Valentine, Your Valentine.. It's everyone's Valentine's Day

My Valentine
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Your Valentine
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Happy Valentine's Day!
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Happy Birthday Gladys! Enjoy ur 19th birthday!
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Unexpected Valentine

When everyone is so excited about Valentine Day, I busy myself with my assignment on Valentine Eve. All of a sudden a friend sms me. Saying he is outside my house. OUTSIDE MY HOUSE!! (shock habis tau..)

At first I thought, haha.. ya right.. very funny. So I replied asking 'you serious?'

When I went to peek out the door, (well yes.. there's a guy standing outside your gate) *SHOCK*
So I walked out.

Me: What are you doing here??
Him: *waving the rose and the balloon in the air*
*conversation sealed*XD

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Red Balloon, Red Rose and lovely Vcard

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Lovely Card.. Love the design..

I would like to thank him.. (you know who you are)
Thanks a lot. Thanks for the balloon.. Thanks for the rose.. Thanks for the card..

Happy Valentine's Day to all..

During Valentine night, I stayed home. A friend wanted to come over to wait for her boyfriend. Then, I had plan to go out. So I had to tell that I'm going out soon. Again, another phone call came by another friend. Wanted to ask me out, but since I'm going out too, so.. sorry. XD Awhile later, another friend called. = = In the end, I stayed in my room listening to the radio and fell asleep. *oink oink* When I woke up, I saw a few miss calls and dozens of sms. grah..

When I was replying the sms, I saw Angel's sms. Definitely read hers first lo... She asked me to 'come out'. Defining come out, meaning get out of the house and that she's outside my house. I asked her if she's outside my house? So I went to toilet and when I got back to my room, she called my phone. She's outside my house ALONE.

So, I went down and opened the gate a little, trying not to make any chaotic noise and get out of my house. Then, I realised that she's not all alone.

That night I got somemore gifts. You shouldn't have done so much.. Anyway, thanks..

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

cheezy weeezy



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My cheezy weezy supper..

All you need is 3 tomatoes, 2 sausages, 1 slice of cheese, toaster and alluminium foil.

All you need to do:
  1. Wash the tomatoes.. XD Then, cut.. err.. cut le.. KNIFE DOWN!! XD like the pic below:Image hosting by Photobucket
  2. Spread the alluminium foil and fold it like a small try. Place the tomatoes into the newly made tray.
  3. Peng the tomatoes and the sausages for 5 minutes.
  4. Cut the cheese into small pieces. When the top of the tomatoes eventually spread open, put cheese on it. Let it melt... Let it melt...
  5. Next, knife down the sausages and put cheese in it. Throw back into the toaster and peng for another 30 secs.
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When you see the cheese melting till oozing.. You can place them on the plate. My suggested sauce to go along are tobasco and mustard. *slurps

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Chinese New Year Eve Dinner aka Reunion Dinner.. Like other families, we too had this traditional reunion dinner. Cousins working or studying away from home, all came back to celebrate. Only some of my aunties could not make it this year.

This year reunion dinner is at my place. My dad prepared three main dishes and I made one. XD think I only sit around and watch? My dad made 'Ang Chow Chicken' (one of the Foochow famous dish), BBQ pork and his special fried rice. I made Salad! XD easiest one...

After dinner, the kids (my cousins) and my brother (head of crime) played some firecrackers. The same old firecrackers we had. (Haven't finish yet)


Flower Charm
Later that night, Angel and Lionel came. We were sitting at the bridge and I fired some crackers so near us that the two of them... HEHEHE!!!

Tired of sitting outside, we went into my house. I went to get the leftover duck from dinner and the three of us enjoy chewing duck and watching some Cantonese movie on tv.

My dad took the 'Yu Lei' and wanted to lit it. The three of us hurried to the side while my dad tried to light it. We poke our fingers into our ears..
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My dad tried to light the lighter.. But it failed a few times. Suddenly a police car, 'meronda-ronda' drove slowly into my neighbourhood.
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The driver saw the 3 of us covering our ears and then looked at my dad. I thought my dad knew the two police were watching him. But he was still trying to light the yu lei.. *kacheek kacheek*
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Na: wei.. mata arr...
Dad: *blur* huh.. where?
Na: neiiiiii....
Dad: *quickly put the lighter and yu lei into his pocket*

HENG CHAI the lighter didn't work well that time. If not..

My dad walked into the house and we saw the police car stopped at the first house. We all knew by then, that house kenak tangkap liaw.. As usual, an ang pow keeps them away for the night.

There's a video of fireworks in angel's phone. Hopefully she haven't delete it and I might post it up here... Saving a space for the video here..