Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Unexpected Valentine

When everyone is so excited about Valentine Day, I busy myself with my assignment on Valentine Eve. All of a sudden a friend sms me. Saying he is outside my house. OUTSIDE MY HOUSE!! (shock habis tau..)

At first I thought, haha.. ya right.. very funny. So I replied asking 'you serious?'

When I went to peek out the door, (well yes.. there's a guy standing outside your gate) *SHOCK*
So I walked out.

Me: What are you doing here??
Him: *waving the rose and the balloon in the air*
*conversation sealed*XD

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Red Balloon, Red Rose and lovely Vcard

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Lovely Card.. Love the design..

I would like to thank him.. (you know who you are)
Thanks a lot. Thanks for the balloon.. Thanks for the rose.. Thanks for the card..

Happy Valentine's Day to all..

During Valentine night, I stayed home. A friend wanted to come over to wait for her boyfriend. Then, I had plan to go out. So I had to tell that I'm going out soon. Again, another phone call came by another friend. Wanted to ask me out, but since I'm going out too, so.. sorry. XD Awhile later, another friend called. = = In the end, I stayed in my room listening to the radio and fell asleep. *oink oink* When I woke up, I saw a few miss calls and dozens of sms. grah..

When I was replying the sms, I saw Angel's sms. Definitely read hers first lo... She asked me to 'come out'. Defining come out, meaning get out of the house and that she's outside my house. I asked her if she's outside my house? So I went to toilet and when I got back to my room, she called my phone. She's outside my house ALONE.

So, I went down and opened the gate a little, trying not to make any chaotic noise and get out of my house. Then, I realised that she's not all alone.

That night I got somemore gifts. You shouldn't have done so much.. Anyway, thanks..

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