Monday, March 27, 2006

Wanted for being 20

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mcD.. I'll Be BACK!!

Went to McDonald's with Esther during break. We walked under the hot sun, cross the scary road with millions of cars driving by and saying bye to some stranger that says hi to us when they drove pass us. On the way there, we were planning and deciding on what to have for tea time (me) and lunch for Esther.

At McDonald's, we waited at the counter. Waiting to be served by 'McD's employees' in their orange uniform and blue cap. We wanted to have the 'Tea Time Combo' and I was still deciding whether to get Tea Time Combo 1 (Softdrink + Chicken Nuggets) or Tea Time Combo 4 (Softdrink + Sundae). In the end, with Esther's help, I decided to order Tea Time Combo 4.

When I made my order, the lady asked what drink would I like. I said I would like to have Coke. She said that there's only Coffee and Tea. They were out of softdrink. So, we asked her how long will it take them to get the softdrink, she wasn't sure. So, we decided to go over Sarawak Plaza first then come back in a little while. Hoping that there will be Coke.

About 3.15pm, we got back to McD and this man (wears specs, tall and skinny) served us. We asked if there's any softdrink yet. Unfortunately, it was not ready yet. So, we asked if we can change the softdrink to ice lemon tea or ribena. He said only meals can. Esther then ordered Tea Time Combo 1 and her choice of drink was coffee. I ordered an ice cream and later changed my mind and ordered Tea Time Combo 4. Both of us ordered coffee and requested a cup of ice each.

We planned to turn the hot coffee into McD's Kopi Peng. Hiak Hiak.. While mixing the sugar and creamer, I saw the man sitting beside our table sipping LARGE CUP OF ORANGE (SOFTDRINK)! I turned and informed Esther. There's softdrink already!! ARGH!!

**Fine.. Nevermind.. We ordered a few minutes earlier only. Fine... It's ok Anna. It's OK!**

Usually, McD refill your drink if you are drinking Coke. We were hoping that the lady would ask if we were drinking Coke and offer us some. Mana tau, look also didn't look at us what more to say want to offer. HMPH!!!

Later in class, I opened my purse and realised that I didn't get sufficient change for the meal i paid earlier. My meal costs RM3.15 and I gave him RM5.20. He gave me 5cents back. I'm a very forgetful plus very absent minded person. Wuu Wuu Wuu.. Only realised when we were having class.

Cis.. I'm so going to have lunch at McD on Wednesday! Gonna ask for RM2 rebate!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday in Advance to ME

2 more days to my birthday. I'm 20 by then.

Since we all planned to go out last night, I was thinking of cooking something for dinner. Maybe a small celebration or something.

After sending my brother to school, I went home. Just when I arrived the gate of my house, Iris called. She asked if I'm free and etc.. She's at the airport already but she left one of her bag at home. So she asked a favor to send it over. Well, alright...

I drove to her house and called Ta Ker (Iris' bro). He couldn't find her bag. She told him it was upstairs. When he called her, I saw the bag on the chair and I asked if that's the one. Ya, that's the one. At the airport, when she saw my car, she came out and got into my car. Her boyfriend, Kelvin, stood outside waiting for her. She on the other hand, wanted to tie her shoe laces. She haven't put in the laces into her shoes cause she washed it a few days ago. =..= Later, I guess Kelvin got bored outside and he joined us in the car. We had a short chat until Iris' shoes are done. We said goodbye and I left the airport.

I went to Choice Daily for shopping. Bought all the things I need for dinner. Everything went well, untill the can section. I wanted to buy button mushrooms and tomato paste. The problem is getting the mushrooms. I just need one can of mushrooms and there are like 5 to 6 brands of it. Wah lao ey..

After that, I went home. I felt so tired but I don't feel like taking a nap. I went online and chatted with some friends and checked my mails. Lots of mails. Some mails I practically just looked through. Hehe..

I started cooking at about 5.30pm. I cooked spaghetti and made salad. Lionel and Yomi arrived at about 6.40pm. I asked them whether to wait for Angel or just go ahead without her. They said it's better to wait for her. So, I went to take a shower.

We waited and waited for the arrival of Princess Angelica Song. I was so hungry already. Wuu wuuwuu.. It was already 7.25pm and she's not here yet. Then, I called her. She said she will be coming later and that we should start without her. Boh sim la... Early early didn't let us know. Make us wait for her nia.

During dinner, Lionel took out a necklace and gave it to me. It's an advance birthday present. Wee.. **Bahagia Hidup** The necklace is from Lionel and Eleanor. Thanks guys.. It's very nice. It's round and shiny. Hahahaha.. jk.. Here's how it looked like:

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After dinner, we watched Date Movie and Cheaper By A Dozen 2. We shared a cake while watching Cheaper By A Dozen 2.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

One Night Out

Last night was suppose to be a movie night, but we ended up sitting in Point One,Travillion talking and laughing. Really LAUGHING! It's been awhile since we had such HOT conversation. HUAHUAHUA..

When we arrived at Travillion, Angel said she wanted to have some pastries. So Gel and Yomi went to find pastries. I wanted to go see pastries but they asked me and Lionel to go find seats at Point One. So fine, we went to Point One to get seats while that two can enjoy looking at yummy goody beautiful and nice nice nice smell pastries.

In Point One, we ordered our drinks and waited for the two princess with pastries. We wait and wait and wait. I guess about half an hour later, they turned out. Not with pastries but a Watson plastic bag. GRAh.. go shopping didn't bring me. That was what I said. Then they gave it to me and said, "Happy Birthday!"

*SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED* *CAN'T BREATHE~!! (over exagerate la)*

In it there were a box wrapped in wrapping paper and an EYELINER! FUHHHHHHHHH... I don't know how to use la.. So, later, Yomi helped me. She applied the eyeliner for me. See pictures la.. Lazy want to say. XD Lazy you all want to read also le..

Found a picture of my eye before any effects added:
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far on the right side is me, cam whoring. hiak hiak..

Cam whoring.. As usual le..

We sat at Travillion till 12am. When we were about to leave, a friend, C, from high school invited us all to MC3 for a drink. I thought she was younger than us, but actually she's same age with us. On the way up to MC3, one can feel the beat of the music. dup dup dup.. In there, you can feel the dup dup dup till your lungs can join in with the dup dup dup. It was a hell of a DUP DUP DUP NIGHT.

C got us seats and a beer each. Lionel and Angel didn't touch the drink. Yomi and I just drink. C sat with us. She was busy doing some stuff with her handphone. Changing the sim card now and then. Then she introduced her brother to us. We shook hands. We watched three girls dancing. You know the OH YEAH BABY TOUCH MY ASS WITH YOURS kind of dance aka dirty dance la.. Yea.. Threesome dancing asses to asses. Noone was watching them, only us cause they were just the next table. Geliks..

There was this guy wearing a cap. I was watching him the whole time. HAHAHA.. He's really good in dancing. He goes GEDOINK DOINK DOINK with the beat. And there's a guy who got drunk and collapsed on the floor. His friends got him up and lay him down on the chairs. CHAIRS.. They arranged the chairs in a straight line so he can lie down COMFARTABLY.

I thought I've seen enough in this pub/club nightlife, but there's more. C's bro came to our table with a RM50 note. He stood in front of me and he can't even can stand up straight. He was like 'sailing' and his body practically hits my knees now and then. So he was THAT NEAR. He opened up the note. At first I thought he wanted to check if it's really a RM50 note. In that RM50 there's some white line in it, I though which idiot go liquid the money. But, when he shook the note, I saw the white thing moved. It's white powder. Right at that moment, I knew those were drugs. DRUGS! Not even 1 feet away from me. NOT EVEN 1 FEET AWAY! @#%&$!#$#^#*!!

I went over behind Yomi and shout in Angel's ears, "DRUGS!!" and I told her, "LET'S GO!". Yomi heard the Let's go and told C we have to leave since it's late already. We thanked her for inviting us and ran out.

Just imagine the cops came in at that very moment when he was holding that f***ing note in front of me. NGAITI..

That will be the very first and the very last time I'll ever step a foot into MC3. After an undescribable experienced in MC3, we went to Pending-Bako. Driving around and stopped at 'PAK TOH STATION'. Being naughty as myself, I highlight the car in front of us before we leave the place. HUAHUAHUA..

At bout 12.55am, Yomi's mum called. She had to go home already. So, I drove all the way back. At the Kuchingbypass traffic light, there was a blue Honda. It was already green and it's still not moving. So, I drove to another lane, looked at them and speed up. The other Honda (9868), catch up, looked at us and speed up. I felt challeged so I speed up top. (it felt like racing) So, I speed up too. I remember hearing Yomi said, "Anna don't."

Do I listen? NO! haha.. When the Honda arrived at the head of the flyover, they stopped and thumbs up at us. FUAHAHAHAHA..

After sending Yomi home, we went driving around the 'KASTAM HOUSE' area. At about 1am something, I send Angel home and borrowed her toilet. Next, I sent Lionel home. Finally, I got home at 2.07am.

Well that's all about the night. Tired now... wanna sleep again.. grok grok grok..

Friday, March 24, 2006

bday celebrated with iris

Iris came at about 7.30pm. We were going for dinner at Thymes. She's going to treat me dinner as to celebrate my coming birthday. wee~~ so Happy.. We had mushroom soup, fish fillet and pizza.

After dinner, we went to Sarawak Plaza then Giant. When we got what we wanted, we went off driving around Kuching.

Bored and complaining how quiet Kuching is, we decided to look for Nancy. Want to go yam cha with her and David. Unfortunately, they have planned to go to the movies. So end up, both of us nothing to do, driving around.

Then we planned to go and see Kuching's Airport. Hiak hiak.. Drove past the airport, Iris drove to the back of the airport. We sat behind the airport and wait for aeroplanes to land or to take off. This may be boring for you, but it's exciting and fun to watch the aeroplane to take of and to land.

When we were about to leave the area, Iris went to the back of the car and took out a box. A Taka box. She bought me a birthday cake. Bestnye..

We then went to C11 to have a drink. Sitting outside with the cake and drinks, Iris took a few pictures of me and the cake. hiak hiak..

At about 11.30pm, she send me home. She needs to go home soon to report to her darling.

p/s: will upload the pictures once I got it from Iris.

jeans hunting

I've been planning to hunt for jeans but there's no time. So zhun, that day I chatted with Yomi and she said that it's boring to stay at home and wanting to find new job. Then, I asked if she would like to go shopping with me? She agreed and so we're going shopping!!

I went to pick Yomi after I send my brother home. Then we went to Swinburne to see Angel. At about 2.30pm, we made our move to town.

We went to Centrepoint to check out jeans. There were Lavigne Jeans and there were many cuttings and colors and shadings of jeans. @.@ which one.. which one.. I tried on 3 pairs and got a pair out of it. It was RM 70 for it and the belt was Rm30. In total, I've spent RM100. wuuwuuwuu..

~|$|~ ~|$|~
~|$|~ ~|$|~

After that, we went to Hock Lee. We went to the ground floor shops to check out jeans. To my sur-sur-sur-SURPRISE, there were sales on jeans! Wuu wuu wuu.. Should have came here first.

We went into one of the shops and tried a few pairs. Yomi couldn't decide which to pair to get. I don't know whether to get that pair of jeans I tried or not. So, we went around Hock Lee looking for more jeans. In the end, we went back to that very same shop and tried on the jeans again before making the final decision.

In the end, Yomi bought the pair of jeans which she later tried and I got the one I liked. Delighted and satisfied, we head home.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


My aunty came back from Cape Town with my baby cousin (3 years old). They came back to Kuching with a friend from KL, Florence @ Chu Fern.

Florence never been to Kuching before, it's her first time here. My other aunty thought of bringing them around Kuching. Show Florence around. So, they called me up to be their loyal driver. *ahem*

Driving my grandad's Merc of course. tee hee..

We went to the Cat Museum first. The admission is free and visitors are not allowed to take pictures, unless you pay the camera's admission fees. Being the typical Kuching-kias we didn't pay for the cam fee, but being naughty, I took some pictures using my phone. Though it's not so clear, well, better than nothing, right?

There were cats, cats, cats and more more cats. You see cats everywhere, left, right, up and down, all around you. *well durhhh.. Cat Museum bah...* All cat's pictures, cat's accesories, cat's souvenirs, cat's dollies, and even HELLO KITTY??? fuhhhh...

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Chinese cats

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Pendants, Pins and Earings

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The Egypt Cats - Miaw~ Where's my mummy? XD

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and this.. really wtf la. Hello Kitty?? Grrr..