Sunday, March 19, 2006


My aunty came back from Cape Town with my baby cousin (3 years old). They came back to Kuching with a friend from KL, Florence @ Chu Fern.

Florence never been to Kuching before, it's her first time here. My other aunty thought of bringing them around Kuching. Show Florence around. So, they called me up to be their loyal driver. *ahem*

Driving my grandad's Merc of course. tee hee..

We went to the Cat Museum first. The admission is free and visitors are not allowed to take pictures, unless you pay the camera's admission fees. Being the typical Kuching-kias we didn't pay for the cam fee, but being naughty, I took some pictures using my phone. Though it's not so clear, well, better than nothing, right?

There were cats, cats, cats and more more cats. You see cats everywhere, left, right, up and down, all around you. *well durhhh.. Cat Museum bah...* All cat's pictures, cat's accesories, cat's souvenirs, cat's dollies, and even HELLO KITTY??? fuhhhh...

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Chinese cats

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Pendants, Pins and Earings

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The Egypt Cats - Miaw~ Where's my mummy? XD

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and this.. really wtf la. Hello Kitty?? Grrr..

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