Friday, March 24, 2006

jeans hunting

I've been planning to hunt for jeans but there's no time. So zhun, that day I chatted with Yomi and she said that it's boring to stay at home and wanting to find new job. Then, I asked if she would like to go shopping with me? She agreed and so we're going shopping!!

I went to pick Yomi after I send my brother home. Then we went to Swinburne to see Angel. At about 2.30pm, we made our move to town.

We went to Centrepoint to check out jeans. There were Lavigne Jeans and there were many cuttings and colors and shadings of jeans. @.@ which one.. which one.. I tried on 3 pairs and got a pair out of it. It was RM 70 for it and the belt was Rm30. In total, I've spent RM100. wuuwuuwuu..

~|$|~ ~|$|~
~|$|~ ~|$|~

After that, we went to Hock Lee. We went to the ground floor shops to check out jeans. To my sur-sur-sur-SURPRISE, there were sales on jeans! Wuu wuu wuu.. Should have came here first.

We went into one of the shops and tried a few pairs. Yomi couldn't decide which to pair to get. I don't know whether to get that pair of jeans I tried or not. So, we went around Hock Lee looking for more jeans. In the end, we went back to that very same shop and tried on the jeans again before making the final decision.

In the end, Yomi bought the pair of jeans which she later tried and I got the one I liked. Delighted and satisfied, we head home.


Anonymous said...

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*~AnnA~* said...

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Thanks a lot!!