Monday, March 27, 2006

mcD.. I'll Be BACK!!

Went to McDonald's with Esther during break. We walked under the hot sun, cross the scary road with millions of cars driving by and saying bye to some stranger that says hi to us when they drove pass us. On the way there, we were planning and deciding on what to have for tea time (me) and lunch for Esther.

At McDonald's, we waited at the counter. Waiting to be served by 'McD's employees' in their orange uniform and blue cap. We wanted to have the 'Tea Time Combo' and I was still deciding whether to get Tea Time Combo 1 (Softdrink + Chicken Nuggets) or Tea Time Combo 4 (Softdrink + Sundae). In the end, with Esther's help, I decided to order Tea Time Combo 4.

When I made my order, the lady asked what drink would I like. I said I would like to have Coke. She said that there's only Coffee and Tea. They were out of softdrink. So, we asked her how long will it take them to get the softdrink, she wasn't sure. So, we decided to go over Sarawak Plaza first then come back in a little while. Hoping that there will be Coke.

About 3.15pm, we got back to McD and this man (wears specs, tall and skinny) served us. We asked if there's any softdrink yet. Unfortunately, it was not ready yet. So, we asked if we can change the softdrink to ice lemon tea or ribena. He said only meals can. Esther then ordered Tea Time Combo 1 and her choice of drink was coffee. I ordered an ice cream and later changed my mind and ordered Tea Time Combo 4. Both of us ordered coffee and requested a cup of ice each.

We planned to turn the hot coffee into McD's Kopi Peng. Hiak Hiak.. While mixing the sugar and creamer, I saw the man sitting beside our table sipping LARGE CUP OF ORANGE (SOFTDRINK)! I turned and informed Esther. There's softdrink already!! ARGH!!

**Fine.. Nevermind.. We ordered a few minutes earlier only. Fine... It's ok Anna. It's OK!**

Usually, McD refill your drink if you are drinking Coke. We were hoping that the lady would ask if we were drinking Coke and offer us some. Mana tau, look also didn't look at us what more to say want to offer. HMPH!!!

Later in class, I opened my purse and realised that I didn't get sufficient change for the meal i paid earlier. My meal costs RM3.15 and I gave him RM5.20. He gave me 5cents back. I'm a very forgetful plus very absent minded person. Wuu Wuu Wuu.. Only realised when we were having class.

Cis.. I'm so going to have lunch at McD on Wednesday! Gonna ask for RM2 rebate!!

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