Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday in Advance to ME

2 more days to my birthday. I'm 20 by then.

Since we all planned to go out last night, I was thinking of cooking something for dinner. Maybe a small celebration or something.

After sending my brother to school, I went home. Just when I arrived the gate of my house, Iris called. She asked if I'm free and etc.. She's at the airport already but she left one of her bag at home. So she asked a favor to send it over. Well, alright...

I drove to her house and called Ta Ker (Iris' bro). He couldn't find her bag. She told him it was upstairs. When he called her, I saw the bag on the chair and I asked if that's the one. Ya, that's the one. At the airport, when she saw my car, she came out and got into my car. Her boyfriend, Kelvin, stood outside waiting for her. She on the other hand, wanted to tie her shoe laces. She haven't put in the laces into her shoes cause she washed it a few days ago. =..= Later, I guess Kelvin got bored outside and he joined us in the car. We had a short chat until Iris' shoes are done. We said goodbye and I left the airport.

I went to Choice Daily for shopping. Bought all the things I need for dinner. Everything went well, untill the can section. I wanted to buy button mushrooms and tomato paste. The problem is getting the mushrooms. I just need one can of mushrooms and there are like 5 to 6 brands of it. Wah lao ey..

After that, I went home. I felt so tired but I don't feel like taking a nap. I went online and chatted with some friends and checked my mails. Lots of mails. Some mails I practically just looked through. Hehe..

I started cooking at about 5.30pm. I cooked spaghetti and made salad. Lionel and Yomi arrived at about 6.40pm. I asked them whether to wait for Angel or just go ahead without her. They said it's better to wait for her. So, I went to take a shower.

We waited and waited for the arrival of Princess Angelica Song. I was so hungry already. Wuu wuuwuu.. It was already 7.25pm and she's not here yet. Then, I called her. She said she will be coming later and that we should start without her. Boh sim la... Early early didn't let us know. Make us wait for her nia.

During dinner, Lionel took out a necklace and gave it to me. It's an advance birthday present. Wee.. **Bahagia Hidup** The necklace is from Lionel and Eleanor. Thanks guys.. It's very nice. It's round and shiny. Hahahaha.. jk.. Here's how it looked like:

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After dinner, we watched Date Movie and Cheaper By A Dozen 2. We shared a cake while watching Cheaper By A Dozen 2.

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amitsinha said...

hey anna ! happy belated b'day . have u ever had indian dish or recipe . wld luv 2 hear abt that.