Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Chinese New Year Eve Dinner aka Reunion Dinner.. Like other families, we too had this traditional reunion dinner. Cousins working or studying away from home, all came back to celebrate. Only some of my aunties could not make it this year.

This year reunion dinner is at my place. My dad prepared three main dishes and I made one. XD think I only sit around and watch? My dad made 'Ang Chow Chicken' (one of the Foochow famous dish), BBQ pork and his special fried rice. I made Salad! XD easiest one...

After dinner, the kids (my cousins) and my brother (head of crime) played some firecrackers. The same old firecrackers we had. (Haven't finish yet)


Flower Charm
Later that night, Angel and Lionel came. We were sitting at the bridge and I fired some crackers so near us that the two of them... HEHEHE!!!

Tired of sitting outside, we went into my house. I went to get the leftover duck from dinner and the three of us enjoy chewing duck and watching some Cantonese movie on tv.

My dad took the 'Yu Lei' and wanted to lit it. The three of us hurried to the side while my dad tried to light it. We poke our fingers into our ears..
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My dad tried to light the lighter.. But it failed a few times. Suddenly a police car, 'meronda-ronda' drove slowly into my neighbourhood.
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The driver saw the 3 of us covering our ears and then looked at my dad. I thought my dad knew the two police were watching him. But he was still trying to light the yu lei.. *kacheek kacheek*
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Na: wei.. mata arr...
Dad: *blur* huh.. where?
Na: neiiiiii....
Dad: *quickly put the lighter and yu lei into his pocket*

HENG CHAI the lighter didn't work well that time. If not..

My dad walked into the house and we saw the police car stopped at the first house. We all knew by then, that house kenak tangkap liaw.. As usual, an ang pow keeps them away for the night.

There's a video of fireworks in angel's phone. Hopefully she haven't delete it and I might post it up here... Saving a space for the video here..

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