Friday, January 27, 2006

"Courage is the master of fear"

Last time, sometime last year, sometime near to CNY, the National TV always come out with many many many CNY advertisements. One of it that I could remember is the YEOs advert bout the Fortune Cookies.

To me, Fortune Cookie is just somesort cookie with paper in it. The paper in it usually some wishes.

Have you watched Freaky Friday?? The part where both the mother and daughter ate the Fortune Cookie and then the next day, they found out that they 'switched' body. Remember??

Yesterday, my mum gave me a Fortune Cookie. Her colleague gave it to her. Eeeeeeeeee.. Will it bring me fortune or what??
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The Fortune Cookie

Later that night, my mum asked me if I've eaten the Fortune Cookie yet. Well, I haven't opened it yet. What more to say eating it. HohOhO..

So I gave the cookie to her. She slowly opened it and my dad quickly grabbed it and started sniffing.. SNIFFING THE COOKIE!!! yuck la..

Then I snatched it from him and 'opened'..


There's a small piece of paper in it. Dad took half of the cookie and straightaway into his mouth. Still holding the piece of paper in one hand and the other half of the cookie in the other hand. I threw the cookie into my mouth and *GRAP* *GRAP* *GRAP*...
The cookie is so damn sweet le..

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Courage is the master of fear

I didn't get to take a picture of the cookie.. but Ifound a picture that looked exactly the same.

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I also went through the net and found some interesting stuff...

Your Fortune Is

He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

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Give it a click and find out your fortune cookie of the day. Enjoy~ Image hosting by Photobucket

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