Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm tagged for the first time...

Lalalala... I just had my shower and thought of doing my assignment when I thought maybe visiting some friends' blog would be interesting. Then, I found out that I was tagged by Yomi. huhuhuhu...

1. What did you do for the last Valentine's?
duh.. last year.. that's like 364 days ago! sorry can't remember. But I remember I didn''t celebrate it.

2. What are you planning to do for the next Valentine's (tomorrow)?
LOL!! found out I got tagged one day after Valentine. So how do I answer this question?

3. What would be the ideal place to celebrate Valentine's?
Eating at some place cozy with great food and wine.

4. What qualities in a person would make an ideal Valentine's date for you?
Funny (able to make me laugh non-stop and yet able to stop me from laughing), i'll feel comfortable around him, never so serious, understanding and definitely have the same interest plus plus is a SUPER HUNK (dream on gurll)

5. What gifts would you buy/have bought for your partner?
hmmmm... that's a tough question. PASS!!

6. What gifts have you received/would like to receive from your partner?
Chocolates chocolates and more chocolates. grah grah.. yomi you can give your chocolates if you received any.. kakakaka..

7. What's your all-time favourite romantic movie?
hiak hiak.. err... watched too many movies that I don't have any favourite ones. i agree with yomi that ever after is a romantic movie. couldn't agree more..

8. If you could choose any person on earth to be your date on Valentine's, who would it be?
hahahaha.. don't know..

I shall stop the tagging with this [dot]..

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