Monday, January 09, 2006

First Day in the First Class of the First Semester

I was dancing on my bed last night. I was struggling to sleep. It was 2.15am and I'm not even close to sleepy. I tried counting imaginery bah bah black sheep in my mind. I counted till 100 and still dead awake. I sms few people and disturb them. ngek ngek ngek..

God knows when I fell asleep..

vrrooooOOommmMmmm... Bushhh basshh... klingggg klangg..
Mum just hantam come into my room.

Mum: Na, ki lai liaw (wake up liaw). Pek (8) tiam lo (It's 8am already). Wa ta tiok si late liaw (I'm so going to be late). Ki lai liaw ki lai liaw (Wake up wake up)...
*mum switched off the air cond*
Na: *Look at the time.. 7.49am!! and she said it was 8 already.* -..-|||
*mum went back to her room*

I zombie walked to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror wondering who the fuck is that panda. Oh damn!! It's me. Anna...

When I reached coll, I met Adeline and Ethel sitting at the entrance.
Na: Hi..
Line & Ethel: Hi..
Na: Laide lei?
Line: Check email.
Na: Ohhh... -..-

My first class of the year.. How nice does that sound like? Not bad aye? hmph.. not entirely...

In class, I saw the lecturer, Ms. Janice Sim sitting at her place. She looked small and bully-able. But then, like people always say, "Never judge a book by its cover." And anyone who don't believe that statement is a bloody idiot.

First she asked each and everyone for their names. When it reached my turn;
Na: Anna
Lec: *looking into the list* What?
Na: *can't hear me meh? oh ok..*Anna
Lec: *look into the list again* I can't hear you. Again?
Na: Anna Bella *cool.. cool..*
Lec: What is your full name?
Na: Anna Bella Wong *keep it cool..*
Lec:*look at the stupid name list again!* Again please..
Na: Anna Bella Wong!! *Grah!!! >:[*
Lec: Ohhhh... Anna?
Na: -..-||| YES.. *wtf*

Then she started all the rules about coming in late for class and etc.. She got this thing with people coming in late. We're suppose to be in class before 11am, but we went in at 11.15am. She told the whole class that class gonna end at 12.45 instead of 12.30 because we went in late. *GRAH!!!*

Class was ok? I almost fell asleep. -..-||| I drew my notes to pass time. Didn't really pay attention. Too tired to do so.

During break time, we sat at the entrance there (as usual). Sometime later, some other students started to talk about the college changed name.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

*sniff sniff*
Nomore, "I Become More Stupid" or "International Big Mouth Society" or "aI Bin Mai Su" and lots more..

Now it's SEGI College.. We'll just wait till someone come out with something from it. Ngahahaha..

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