Monday, January 09, 2006

Shopping at Hock Lee

After lunch we went to Cute Cute Shop. When we reached there, it was closed and there's a piece of paper sticking on it. It says that the shop had moved to Hock Lee. Since we've got nothing to do and got nowhere to go, so we went to Hock Lee and pay the shop a visit. "Shop-warming" (House-warming)

In the car, I told the rest that I'm going to tell the Tauke that I came all the way from one end of the world to the other end just to buy something from your shop. And hoping for some disounts. Ngek Ngek Ngek.. The rest just laughed in the car.

When we walked into the shop, everyone started to do their own thing. Go see whatever that caught their eyes. My purpose is to buy a new hanging asset for my handphone. While looking through all the ling ling long long, I talked to the Tauke-Nio.

Na: You know, I went to your shop. The one opposite Tun Jugah. From there, I found out you moved here. I purposely come all the way from there.
Tauke-Nio: Oh really? Wah.. This is really something. Very well, I'll give you special discount on anything you buy.
Na:*Looked at the Elea with a BIG grin* Ok.. Thanks..
Tauke-Nio: You bought that bear from us? *Looking at the bear hanging at my phone*
Na: Oh this? yea..

Elea and I busy went through the dolly molly. I couldn't make up my mind whether to get the frog or the hippo. I asked Elea for opinion. The more I look at the hippo, the more I don't like the frog. kakaka.. the hippo is too cute. We agreed that the hippo is the one and so I decided to get the hippo instead.

We went through up and down, left and right of the shop. Everything is cute but just for see not to own that kind of things. There are some sort of scented bears. Really cute and smells really nice. I loved the light purple bear with Lilac scent and the brown bear with chocolate scent. So nice~~

I walked to the cashier to pay for the Hippo. It cost RM5.90. I took out a RM10 note, the tauke-nio didn't take. Instead she took out some magazine paper that's made into small little bag. She pushed the hippo in and looked up at me.

Tauke-Nio: Do you want me to take off the price tag?
Na: Sure *smile*
Tauke-Nio: Sorry for the ugly paper bag, we have nice little paper bags but I couldn't find it.
Na: Oh.. It's ok. No problem. *Just hurry up with the bag*
Sales Ass: Here's the paper bags.
Tauke-Nio: Oh good.. *Went through the paper bags to look for a small one*
Na: It's ok la.. No need nice nice paper also nvm.
Tauke-Nio: Is this ok with you?
Na: Yeah sure. *OMG.. 5D liaw..*
Tauke-Nio: *Gently took out the bear and pushed into the other bag* Where's the solotape?
Sales Ass: Here.. *put on some ribbon*
Tauke-Nio: *scold her* Tak nampak ribbon dekat sana ka?? bla bla bla.. @#^$##@^&@#!&!!
Na: *fuyo.. ganas*
Tauke-Nio: aiyo.. she didn't see the ribbon later kemek need to repair bla bla bla..
Na: *quick la.. looked at Angel* -..-|||
Angel: *outside the shop ROFLMAO*
Tauke-Nio: *Fold the top of the paper bag* Where's my scissors ar?? I know here got one lei..
Sales Ass: Here..

The Tauke-Nio gently fold the top of the paper bag and stick the solotape. Suddenly, there was a small tear there. She went to cut a smaller tape but it stick on the scissors and she tried to take it off, to no avail, she went to cut another tape. Finally, she was done wrapping up the hippo.

Image hosted by
The small torn part

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The result for the forever wait

Tauke-Nio: Is this for your friend?

Na: *Ngaiti.. You wrapped till so 'nice', if I say for myself, you'll puke blood* YA YA..
Tauke-Nio: I don't have smaller plastic bag.
Na: Nvm le.. I can just hold it. *Hand her the note* How much?
Tauke-Nio: RM5.90 and the paper bag is for you.
Na: *apa discount?* -..-||| ok..

I walked out of the shop when suddenly the Tauke-Nio called me back.

Tauke-Nio: Xiao Jie Xiao Jie!! *wave wave*
Na: *walked back in* Ya?
Tauke-Nio: This plastic bag bigger le, but it's better than holding it. You might ruined the wrapping.
Na: Oh ok.. -..-|| *Damn SWT arrr*

Na: This is the first time I buy something SMALL that cost just RM5.90 and it took me forever to purchase it.
Gel: Hahahaha *rofl* She don't want you to leave her shop. Too kan tung you came all the way to buy from her.

By the time i reached home, I just roughly opened the wrapping. Here's my new phone's asset.
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