Saturday, December 31, 2005



It's the end of the year already... *damn happy* MUAHAHAHA...
End of this year 2005, start a new year 2006. Meaning, starting a new beginning life for ME. That's RIGHT! A new life, a whole new start, like when you press that 'RESET' button behind the 'tamagochi' thingy. Then new born egg and baby dino will appear, just this time, I'll press the RESET button somewhere and pooooooooooooooffffff NEW ME. Hopefully things go around the round about. *psyche*

Everything has a cycle. Example, period comes and go in a cycle; the toilet paper we used; can drinks (tin kosong); bottles; LIFE.

Have you seen how a butterfly evolve from an ugly caccon into a B-E-A-U-tiful butterfly? Awwww.. what a scene.. That's why I love butterfly so much.

In life, nothing comes free and easy. First, we taste the bitterness. Next comes the sourness. Soon, it's the saltiness. After all the yucky bitter, sour sour (s'ng s'ng) and kiam kiam (salty) experience in life, something as sweet as sugar will come ahead.

Being a positive minded person, we shouldn't look at the yucky side of life, instead we should beyond it. But we cannot only look at the bright side and ignoring the disadvantages. Being cautious in what ever we do and in whatever we believe in is the most important aspect of life. You may mark me wrong but how many of you think that what I've said is wrong you may lift up your leg (angkat kaki not angkat tangan).

Wow.. can't belief I just typed all those. Ngahahaha.. Left 8 hours before I transform into a butterfly. A new beginning and a new chapter of Anna's Life. There is nothing that can stop me from being the way I want.

Therefore, I've listed some aims and motives or objectives for my new chapter of life. Vision ANNA (not vision 2020). kekeke.. *evil grin*

As what most call it, the New Year's RESOLUTION. My new year's resolution would be... *drum rolls till drum roll into the jamban*

  1. Complete my Diploma by Sept-Oct
  2. At least 100 sms daily (keeping in touch with my be-wooo-ved friends)
  3. No more cold stares and chasing at other drivers who overtaked me
  4. Be as punctual as possible
  5. Be as holy as possible, but not too holy too
  6. Smile always
  7. Cut sleeping time from 15hours to 10hours (during holidays)
  8. Get a job
  9. At least 3 posts a week
  10. More junk food rather than healthy food
  11. Save money
  12. Don't spend too much money on food
  13. *ooo.. No. 13, I'll keep it till here.*
Anyway, I went to Kenyalang earlier today to buy some materials for my *ahem* new project. To my surprise, there are many small little stalls being put up and there's something going on tonight. My parents new about the CountDown event organised by the Council *don't know what council le. Like I give a toooot* hmmm.. Kenyalang first time hold an event such as this. Well, I kind of 'looking forward' for tonight's countdown. I wonder how is it going to be..

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