Sunday, December 25, 2005


It was 6.40pm when I finished the dough. I have to refrigerate the dough for an hour before I start baking them...

tee hee.. it's Christmas Eve and I'm still baking. Thanks to my bro, we had not enough cookies for Christmas.. -..-

This time I've made a different type of cookie. It's Chocolate Sugar Cookie. Sound sweet aye? Indeed. Though I've cut down on the sugar, the cookies tasted damn !$^*$!#@!#^ SWEET. Sweet to the max.. apuuuu..

Well, Merry SWEET Christmas.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comLook like xmas tree ma??
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At bout 10.10pm, we(daddy, mummy, Na & John) went to church for the Midnite Mass. There were lots of people at church. Mass begins at 11pm. We arrived earlier hoping to get seats in the church. Mana tau.. We reached there at 10.15 already no place to sit. We had to sit outside. While waiting for the mass to begin, John and I took a funny picture. XD The mass ended at 12.15am and we went to sekama for supper. hohoho..
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Merry Christmas Everyone..

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