Monday, February 28, 2005

Third Paper - Business Maths

I need to rush to study for my Microeconomics, which will be on Wednesday. hehehe.. Oh well.. Last minute study bah.. So, I'm gonna cut short what happened today. :)

I did Past Year Papers for Business Maths. I mean all!! All on year 2004. I'm kinda confident for this paper. hehe.. Maths wor.. It's something like add maths.

I drove to college today. At the traffic light, when it's red, I would take out the Formulae paper and go through it. Make sure I get the formulae correct for the question coming out soon. There's no where to park at the parking lot. Wah kao! So i parked at kereta land. tee hee..

Met Adelaide at the cafe withJonathan. hiak hiak.. apa lagi.. Pak tor la!! hahaha.. Adelaide told me that Adeline is in the library. I went up to the library looking for Adeline. There Adeline was last minute reviewing. Whoa.. I took a chair and sat next to her. Wah piang.. she asked me for all types of questions. Hmm... what was she doing during the weekends? HIak Hiak.. mean mean Anna.

In the exam hall..
During the purusal period, I went through the Questions Paper. Hmm.. Objectives section, Yesh..I can do. Section B.. Hmm.. Yesh.. I can do also. Section C.. Hmm.. Yesh.. I can do.
and yes.. I can do the whole paper. And very much confident that I can pass this paper with flying colours. Hoping for a HD. ahaha.. *Floating*

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