Tuesday, April 24, 2007

:+: Banana Patience :+:

That's right.. Secret Recipe it is. This is my third visit here.

This time I went to Secret Recipe all by myself. Why? hehe.. There was a long queue in MAS Counter. So, I crossed the road and treat myself with some goodie rather than sitting like a dumb *ss waiting for my turn.

:+: Boo hoo.. sitting alone is no fun. IT'S HILLARIOUSLY BORING!! :+:

:+: I feel like I'm the only fish in the sea :+:

:+: I wished someone was there sitting with me :+:

:+: My prize after waiting for 20 minutes (sitting alone a 20 minutes is like centuries) :+:

:+: BANANAS!! YUMMY!! :+:

:+: Look.... Yummy Slurpy Chocolate Banana :+:

:+: I'm going for it~~ :+:

:+: My drink came only when I almost finish the cake :+:

:+: Superlicious :+:

:+: I would like to dedicate this to their service. Slow and steady as an okui :+:

:+: If I'm Ragnarok Priest, I would cast Agility (skill) so they'll move faster! :+:

:+: Dedicate this to MAS service. AS SLOW AND UGLY AS A SNAIL! :+:


Wingz said...

omg i m so craving for choco cake now! and wow! you have been blogging longer than me!

*~AnnA~* said...

hiak hiak.. dun crave.. go treat urself a good choc cake. ^^

crispy said...

haha so cute the cartoons

so u bring your crayons or colour pencils everywhere? :p

*~AnnA~* said...

haha.. no lar.. i borrowed some color pencils from my classmates. she uses color pencils as highlighters. i 'abuse' them.

Irene said...

Hehehe... You does know how to indulge :P Me okia already.

Irene said...

I mean "pokai" :P

tankiasu said...

Hi there. Just discovered your blog. I'm a foodie just like you. Keep on makaning yah. ;-)



*~AnnA~* said...

][irene][ I spend most of my savings on food. I'm oso getting pokai. haha..

][Daryl][ Thanks for dropping by! Keep up the makaning. *winks*