Wednesday, March 07, 2007

:+: Pan Ki Dim Sum :+:

Pan Ki Dim Sum is located in Sri Petaling, KL.

I like to eat dim sum here 'cause it's one of the best!

:: Cha Kueh :: Oh-Ni :: Fried Har Kao :: Yu Peng (Fish sticks) ::

The coffee is the best too. Unfortunately, when we were there for lunch, their coffee finished already. Only got Nescafe. We had Nescafe-peng instead. haihz...

:: Ta Pao (big pao) :: Nescafe-peng (extremely KAO) :: Lo Mai Kai ::

:: Their Ta Pao is really nice. Has lotsa ingredients in it (ie: egg, cha sio, etc) ::

:: Oh-Ni (Yam puff) ::
It's very good indeed. The outter layer is very very crispy and the inside is very very delicious.

:: Fried Ti Kueh :: Har Kao ::
Har Kao - One of my favourite. The prawns are very 'Q'

:: Chu Cheung Fun - Cha Sio Flava ::
At its best with the soya sauce + sambal

Really miss all these dim sums.. If only Kuching have such great place that serves GOOD dim sum.


Gette said...

And the first thing I saw was your Nescafe peng going :(

*~AnnA~* said...

They serve good KAO coffee. I always drop by everytime i go kl. hoho..