Tuesday, July 24, 2007

:+: Kuching Advertlets Bloggers Meet :+:

On 21st of July, 2007, there was a bloggers meet up at Bestberry Cafe, Petanak.

It started at 3.00pm but we (Angel & I) arrived a little late. Ooopss.. At least Ehon came after us.

To Ehon: neh ni neh ni bu buu.. You're later.. Muahahahaha...!

Anyway, it was a great meet up. Meeting new faces and bloggers that I know through their blogs but never met them in person before. Thumbs up to Jimmy & Irene for organizing the SPONSORED Event by Advertlets. Ish.. If I knew it was sponsored, I would... XDDD

Anyway, the drinks at Bestberry Cafe are served in very special style of glasses or bottles. Well, I didn't take any pictures on the drinks because I was late and it would be rude for me to go, 'Hey YOU! Yes you! Stop drinking, let take picture' *snatches the drink and chick chak chick chak*. However, you can read about the meet up at these blogs: Irene, Jimmy, Platinum Girl, ah Bao, and ehon.

I would just show you guys something eerie from the cafe.

They hunt hantu and korek their eyes out. Serve them in three. Gross ain't it? 3 scoops of Walls (taste like it) Ice Cream with pink syrup topped with cookie chocolates. Overall, it sound interesting, looks interesting, but it didn't taste interesting.

Having Ehon there, we can non-stop bombing (suaning) each other and still laugh at it. Good thing Advertlets sent me some stickers. I used it to TAPE his mouth! Muahahhahaa..

Ehon: Thanks for being so YENG to take these pictures with me.

Incase you run out of Pore Packs, sticker comes in quite handy too. XDDD

With so much camwhoring and yapping, the ghost eyes melted and turning into milkshake. Huuuu.. It melted terribly that at one point, I couldn't scoop it with the spoon that I had to drink it using a straw. Ghost Eyes juice.

It was a really great meet up. Good job guys!

Group picture curied from Irene's. XP~~


ehon said...

dum dee dum dum..

jimmychin said...

saw my face liao...wakakaaa

a n n n a said...

][ehon][ dum wad dee.. *GUCIK* u ar.. xDD

][jimmy][ hehe.. sry for the delay!

allen said...

photoshopped photos. hallo annnna.

a n n n a said...

Haii allen,
ehehee.. must beautify the pictures ma.. XD

PlatinumGirl said...

Wahhh lucky you didnt show me face ..

a n n n a said...

][platinumgirl][hehehe.. the group picture taken using my phonecam was too blur. So, i took irene's.

Johnny Ong said...

wondering when i can meet anna also.....