Wednesday, July 18, 2007

:+: Aladin Cafe :+:

***Very short and simple post. Posting from Coll's lab***
Vivian smsed me to lunch a couple of days ago. Accompany her to a blind dat (just some new friends she knew from somewhere, somehow). To a special place called Aladin Cafe. I've heard of this place many times but I've never been there.
Aladin Cafe is located in the Carpenter Street. I don't like going to Carpenter Street as they are a lot of cars there and it is very hard to find parking plus it's very jam!

Anyway, to get to Aladin Cafe, just turn in at the Old Post Office.

From the Post Office you can start eyeing for a parking spot. The cafe is not far from the Post Office.
Look UP (yes atas) for the sign board, 'Aladin Cafe'.

Indeed in Carpenter Street, the shops are at least 100 years old (exagerating). Probably at least 50 years old. It is very Chinese-Buddhist inside. There were lots of people eating there.

Turn left turn right.. I looked around the cafe many times, but still can't spot Aladin. Mana dia??

Mari makan..

The Chicken is SUPERB!! Have you tried 'Leng Pua' (Cold Dish with Special Steamed Chicken that has alcohol taste). The liquor smell from the chicken is seducing. A bite into the chicken is.. Heavenly!!! They poured this special thick light brownish alcoholy (Chinese White Wine) sauce on the chicken. The soup served is the Szechuan vegetable soup. The typical chicke rice sauce: minced chilli with garlic and lime juice sauce. Geng!

I was told that their Fried Chicken is very SEDAP!! They only do the fried chicken at night. I would find a chance to cuba cuba one night. kikiki..

Some well-kept secrets along Carpenter Street @ The Borneo Post Online.


crispy said...

they spell aladin wrong heh

CRIZ LAI said...

slurpss... hungry liao.. i think I cook hainanese chicken rice this weekend :P

calvism said...

its been ages since i went there! :P their crispy chicken and chicken butts r delicious! hehe

water_angel said...

eee... I wana go too!!!!!!! must bring me next time ^_^

a n n n a said...

][crispy][ lidat more unique lo.. XDD

][criz][ courier some to me. Ngekngekngek..

][calvism][ I'd like to try them one day! hoho

][yin][ one day we go eat crispy chicken n buttsbutts..

Samuel said...

I just love their fried chicken mix with the special chili suace. The chix rice nice too especially you ask for extra oily sauce! Yum!!!