Tuesday, July 17, 2007

:+: Little Lebanon :+:

:+: Ehon with his Mix Kebabs :+:
Sir Ehon is back in Kuching. Missing our small little hometown and craving for local food and updating with latest trendy cafe here.

Set a dinner meet up with Sir Eh
on, Choulyin, Angel, Vivian and Anna (me, me & me).

Date: 12th July 2007 [Thursday]

Time: 7.00pm
[Arrived in a very Malaysian style, 7.45pm. Paiseh arr Ehon! First time meet already so Malaysian..]

Venue: Little Lebanon, Old Court House, Waterfront.
** FYI, Little Lebanon serves Shi Sha at RM9. Different fruits flavas at your own choice. **

There was the Launching of the RWMF at the Old Court House and there were no parking. The only place we could park were the side road (yellow line) and the parking along Main Bazaar (Need to walk damn far). In the end, we puek (talk) to the guards and ask them to get us a parking in the Court Parking Lot. We were told to just park at the yellow line as they already got the special letter for 'saman-free'. So, if we were to park there, the traffic police won't saman for yellow line parking. Some kind of special exemptions.

There are two types of Lebanese Bread in the menu; Lebanese Cheese Bread and Lebanese Meat Bread. I came to Little Lebanon before and I've tried both. I like the Lebanese Cheese Bread more. It is actually a pita bread with cheese and sour cream and chopped onions in it, accompanied with fresh salad.

Ge cannot tahan anymore. She started to poke poke the bread with the fork.

Yummy Sheesh Kebabs - Tender Lamb meat BBQ shiok shiok with brinjal, button mushroom, carrot, onions. Accompanied with Pyramid Briyani Rice , Half Pita Bread and fresh vegetables.

Curi this picture from Ehon's blog. Food War (Star War) epics with our Kebabs-di (Jedi).

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich is a wrapping of chicken meat in the pita bread. Accompanied with pickled cucumber and tomato, and also fries.

Doing what bloggers does best, we camwhore anywhere, anything and at anytime. Vivian was the only non-blogger. She kinda terasa a bit when we busy ourselves camwhoring around.

In these pictures, there's picture of the restaurant, the tent in it, the beautiful lighting. Next, Ehon taking picture of his Light Coke and a group picture without me in it, and a random picture. Lastly, a picture of Yin explaining something on her phone to Ge.

The Fruit Salad's serving is very small. The black powder around the plate is blackpepper, used for decorating the dishes. Actually, you should blow the pepper while spinning the plate. *crapping* Then mix the food together with it. Kekekeke.. If any of you actually do that, send me a copy of the picture. XDD

It was a great dinner (despite that we had to wait for 20minutes for our food to come). It was the company that matters. Having friends to hang out with and lots and lots of camwhoring (which is the greatest among greats), that made a good evening.

and not forgetting lots and lots of Laughxercise (laughing exercise)..

:+: After dinner, we went to Cafe Chino, Hilton for awhile :+:

:+: Met up with Sam, Ben, Alwyn and their friends :+:


Samantha said...

sir ehon hAhA. finally, a reaction from vivian in the photos though she's rather quiet. nice to see that!

Johnny Ong said...

u love kebab??? wait till u are based in middle east or sudan for that matter (that's where i was based) and you'll puke each time u see those kebabs....hehe

CRIZ LAI said...

haha..since when ehon was conferred the Sir title? No wonder he has been missing lar. When can I try the kebab? slurpss!!

a n n n a said...

hohoho.. she's my food model of the nite. Hahaha..

I like kebabs, but not eating it all the time la. Eat occasionally ma. More special that way.

][Criz][ lol.. I 'title' him one. XDD U can try the kebabs when u're in Kuching. XDD