Tuesday, July 17, 2007

:+: Ting's Noodle House :+:

Went to Ting's Noodle House with Vivian few weeks ago.
Located just opposite Grand Continental Hotel. It is one of those Taiwan kind of Cafe that serves handmade noodles.

Every time I go to a Taiwan like cafe, I always order Green Tea also known as Jasmine Tea. The Green Tea here is special as they blend the tea with ice and you get Ice Blended Green Tea.

Come here sure eat their famous noodles lor.. Their noodles are all handmade. Love their noodles as the noodles are very Q and the soup is sweet. Somehow, there's a bit of Bovril taste in it. Kekeke... Probably they use it as their beef stock. My mum sometimes uses Bovril when she cook Beef Stew. In short, the beef noodles here very sedap but I still prefer the Gu Bak Mee over at Spring Garden.

Wo Tieh also known as Fried Dumpling is one of my favourite Taiwanese food. At RM4.00 you will get 6 dumplings in a boat-shaped bowl. Eat wo tieh must must must eat with vinegar and ginger or some prefer light soya sauce with garlic. I prefer eating dumplings with ginger and vinegar.

I still remember there's one Wo Tieh stall in the old Da Light Food Court. Selling at RM4.00 for 10 dumplings but in those polystyrene container. That was the best Wo Tieh I ever tasted. Too bad they moved. boo hoo..

is one of the Korean delicacies. Surprisingly they serve Kimchi here. As curious as a cat, I ordered a plate @ RM3.50. Frankly, they should just stick to Taiwanese.

Their Kimchi... Fail

What does it taste like?
Well, according to my 'sense', the cabbage is preserved with vinegar, sugar and salt. Later, when someone (Me lor) orders Kimchi, they take out the cabbage mix with some so-called-spicy chillies. Overall, it does not taste like Kimchi at all. Looks the same but taste different. Furthermore, it doesn't stink. Kimchi should stink because it is fermented.

Got bored and played around with the new fonts I've just downloaded. Kekeke... Nenek always say don't waste food. We didn't finish the Kimchi 'coz it's Yerkz..

The cafe has many cool deep deep meaningful Calligraphies.

I like this the most.
QQ Noodle makes the Eater Happy.
(Not the actual translation)


jimmychin said...

my brother also introduce me this...
but i haven;t go... :P

a n n n a said...

][jimmy][ haha.. u shud go n try their noodles. I like