Wednesday, October 05, 2005


omg.. i'm so bored!! urgh... everyone's asleep edi.. left me alone staring in front of the monitor. not doin anything.. therefore, i'm here to blog my mind away.

it rain heavily a few hundred hours ago.. unbelievably my area here flood. it's so impossible for it to flood here. well.. anything's possible. was driving just now, to pick mom. fuyo! jam habis.. kimak.. sit in the car driving for almost 1 hour. can you believe it.. to drive from my house to my mom's workplace took almost one hour.. WTF! usually lep there bout 5-7mins arrive there edi.

grr... paling menggeramkan.. accident occured in front of me. that really caused a hell of a jam. cis!!

unbelievably.. wad rain can do...

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