Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gonna Taste Sabah

Hey all..

I'll be leaving Kuching for Kota Kinabalu, Sabah this Friday (20th October 2006).

I've done a little research on Sabah's delicacies and hoping to try them in KK.

Here's some preview on Sabah's goodies:

Tuaran is famous for their Tuaran Noodles. Hopefully, I can stop by Tuaran to try the noodles. hiak hiak..

*In fact, I've found one only. X3*

See ya all NEXT MONTH!! BUH BYE~~


Hinching said...

Hi. Glad that you are planning to make a trip to Tuaran from Kota Kinabalu. The distance isn't too near but hopefully it'll be worth your trip there.

The porridge at Wisma Merdeka beside Hyatt Kinabalu is kind of popular with the locals. So as an old coffeeshop selling 'kon lou mee' opposite RazzMaTazz club in Sunny Garden. There's another place in Gaya Street which is a popular spot among locals for Bak Kut Teh. One last one which is somewhere in the suburbs of Penampang called Wang Wang which is near the Wong Kwong mini race cart place, they sell fishballs there. And for dimsum, there's only one place which I can think of, a place in hilltop which I think most locals are familiar with.

Then again, I'm not saying that they are the best food in KK but certainly have been popular eating spots for the locals here.

*~AnnA~* said...

Hi Hinching..

Vacation to Sabah is great.

Unfortunately, we din make it to Tuaran. We were looking for Friendly Fish Head in Kelombong but failed so we had fish head mee hoon and fish cake look-alike at Hilltop Fish Head. The food there is nice but I was hoping to grab a taste at Friendly Fish Head as they said it's a popular restaurant there.

We had dim sum over at Maxim Kitchen. I believe it's a popular dim sum shop. I like the siu mai. It's very 'Q'. The 'chuk' (porridge) there is nice too.

I did hear bout Wang Wang with great seafood. However, we dine at Ocean Seafood Village.

I guess we did go to almost all the popular restaurants. It's certainly true that the fish balls in KK is damn good. *thumbs up*