Friday, January 19, 2007

:+: My Experience with KFC's Latest BURGER :+:

kfcI date my mum for lunch today. We wanted to try the new stuff since I got us some discount vouchers. There were so many people making order and most of them ordered the Alaskan Fish Burger. So, we thought it might be very good since it's such a SALE! That really convinced us to order the Alaskan Fish Burger too. We waited patiently for our turn to order.

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It costs RM8.00 but with the discount voucher it's RM6.72 including tax.

Due to the good Fish Burger business KFC is having, we had to start our lunch with the coleslow while waiting for the burger.

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tadaaa... my lunchie. Looking good? The Burger looks much smaller and not as exciting as the ad.

After all the 5-8 minutes of waiting, our burger came. Excitedly, I opened my box and har??!! That's it?? It's okay, KFC's food never looked the same as it is on the ad. So I hold the burger up and it looks disgusting! yerkz..
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yerkz... So slimy and eeeky..
Taste yucky too! The sauce tastes weird + funny = toilet visit

My mum ignored me and just *BITE*. Ewww.. My mum started to make funny faces and asked me if the fish is cooked or not. I looked at her fish and was shocked to find the fish's flesh looking transparent aka NOT COOKED!! My mum's fish is NOT COOKED!! I asked the waiter to change her burger but my mum was already 'put off' by the fish. So, she bought cheezy wedges. That's her lunch. kecian... What a date.. X3

a lil too cheezy, makes the wedges very slimy and eekie

P/S: Check your fish before eating plus I don't really recommend this meal.

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