Thursday, February 15, 2007

:+: Scoops :+:

** sketched this during class **

Gelato is an Italian ice cream made from milk and sugar. Later, it is combined with fresh fruit or other ingredients such as chocolate (pure chocolate, flakes, chips, candies, truffles), nuts, small candies, sweets, or cookies, or biscuits. Gelato generally has less than 35% air - resulting in a dense and extremely flavoursome product. [taken from Wikipedia]

Banana Cheese

Scoops, the Gelato Bar, is the only place that serves gelato, so far..

Located just opposite Hilton. As most of you know Hilton area, it's hilly. Where do you think Hilton got its name? Hahaha.. jk..

Frankly, bicycle is the best transport to get yourself to Scoops. To park your car there is like putting an elephant into the fridge. o.O!! SERIOUS

There are like 12 flavours of gelato for you to try. Single scoop is RM5, Double scoops is RM8 and Triple scoops would be RM12. You can try a small scoop before deciding which flavour you like.

From left: Choco pop, Smth purple berry (I think it's Blackcurrant or Blueberry)

Top from left: Oreo, Strawberry, Banana Cheese, *forgotten*
Bottom from left: Yogurt, Kiwi, Tangerin, Lemon

After testing Lau Hong (not crispy) Choco Puff and Banana Cheese, we decided to get the Banana Cheese. It taste banana-ish and cheezy. *slurps*

Scoops not only serves gelato, but they also serve from the oven.

Top to bottom from left: Cheese cakes, muffins (RM12 come with a small scoop of gelato), brownies (RM7 for 2 pieces), eclairs (RM15 for 3, with a lil gelato in the middle)

We got ourselves some brownies to go with the gelato.

The interior is very cozy and breathtaking. WHY? That's 'cause:


Apart from the yummy gelato, brownies and the breathtaking interior, the people in this picture are far more breathtaking. Ahiaks..

Celebrating Vday night together
From left: Angel, Romero, Victor
I wasn't in the picture, so I paste my face in it. muahahahhaa.. The balloon was part of Scoops decoration - Valentine's Day.

P/s: The waitresses aren't friendly.


robin said...

Hmmm, the last time i went there, they had quite limited choice of flavours, and also, the service was not that great.
Oh well, I do hope they improved since then.
Their recipe has nothing to brag about too.

bLyZz said...

banana cheeseeeee~~~ MmMmm... oh remember how we sed BSB cant get in? No bullshitting right? haha :P

aKho said...

i lurve banana cheese!

*~AnnA~* said...

The service sux..