Monday, April 09, 2007

:+: Mrs Easter Bear :+:

Happy Easter to all..

Easter Day isn't Easter Day without Easter eggs and chocolates.

I remembered 8-10 years ago I participated in Easter egg painting at Sarawak Club, and I got 1st. *gejeng gejeng* I won a hamper full of chocolates. So happy orh.. haihzz.. Those were the days.. Hope to participate in Easter Egg Painting contest again lar... Probably next year, i tie my hair like a 10 years old and dress like one too. Hahaha...

:+: Easter Buddies :+:

:+: Easter Couple :+:

:+: Mrs Easter Bear :+:

:+: Stripped Mrs Easter Bear :+:

:+: Operated Mrs Easter Bear and found a growth in her XD :+:

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