Tuesday, May 15, 2007

:+: My Fav KY Cafe :+:

K. Y. Cafe is one of the Kopitiam I like to go ever since I was a young.

*Dug some history from my parents*
KY Cafe was once a Chinese Traditional 'Pharmacy'. I guess Mr Kiu is a chinese tai fu. He of course came from China. In 1970 or 80's, because business was not doing well and also Mr Kiu's son came back from Taiwan, they Mr Kiu changed business to a kopitiam.

:+: KY Cafe :+:

Located in Sekama area, it's a corner shop and it is impossible to miss it. Very easy to find. It's right opposite the Sekama Dangdut, Karaoke centre. *ghey place*

Don't look down on such kopitiam. It has the best local food, ok?! The kolo mee, moi and liang teh are their best! Their business is so good that you will have to wait up to 1/2 hour for your meal.

:+: Noodles section :+:

These are the Kiu Brothers. The one on the left is the one that went to Taiwan. He went there to learn masak masak.

:+: Moi, Kueh Chap & Tang Hoon section :+:

:+: Moi with Egg :+:

:+: Moi with Century Egg :+:

Normally, I would come for supper. To enjoy moi of course. Their moi is the best I tell you. I still prefer the moi cooked by ah pek, Snr Kiu.

:+: Their Special Liang Teh :+:

Their Liang Teh is one of the best in Kuching. It tastes like cin cau without the jelly.

Now, I'm craving for moi and the liang teh.



Samantha said...

I'm sick. I need porridge. hope they're opened in the morning.

a n n n a said...

Yea.. Open in morning.. Morning is ahpek cook de. You should get some porridge. You look pale. Get well soon.

CRIZ LAI said...

OMG...not moi again Anna :P I think next time when I cook my own moi recipe, I'll share with you ok?

P/s Samantha...get well soon wor...drink some room temperature 100 Plus wit a pinch of salt will help u feel better :)

a n n n a said...

Criz: okie~! I'll be waiting. ngek ngek ngek..

zewt said...

hmmm... KY cafe... mana exactly ah?

I'm Choonie. said...

During the WRMF, my friend who work in Singapore was craving for KY's kolo mee. We were there two times and she even praised the Kiu's brothers for their delicious food. I think the Kiu brothers were really happy and she got a big packet of mee the next time we visited them.