Tuesday, May 01, 2007

:+: Mr & Ms Campus - Spotlite Magazine :+:

This is Kenneth Ho Hong Hui aka Ta Ker Ken. He is from Kuching and now located in KL to pursue his studies as well as to fulfil his dream of becoming a Superstar. He sings, he writes. Yeap, he write songs.

Hopefully, my Ta Ker Ken could achieve his dream! *crosses fingers* Jia You Jia You~!

(psst.. I purposely upload this picture! hahaha.. So, when he gets famous, we'll have a good laugh looking at this cute picture of him.*evil grin*)

He used to
meriam me last time. How he meriam? Here's one of the meriam and I will forever remember.. Thanks to him, I've become smarter then before. I've learnt to counter attack when kena meriam.

Long long time ago, while we were chatting on iRc (those were the days) he told me that the Sarawak Museum's Meriam were stolen! I was like true or not? So heavy how to carry away. He said if I don't believe him, I should look into the newspaper. Deh... If you say it's in the newspaper I sure will believe 'coz I don't read newspaper mar.. I even asked my parents and friends. I asked everyone who were online that time! In the end, it was just a meriam.. KABOOM!

Ok.. Enough story story. Let's get into the real business. Ta Ker Ken and his girl participated in the 3rd Mr & Mrs Campus '07 contest organized by Listerine and Spotlite Magazine kua.. Anyway, vote for them.

To VOTE, please type:
And send to 36611

Also Vote F7!
Type MC F7
And send to 36611

[Taken from http://www.spotlite.com.my/]
Voting period till 26 May 2007



Ta Ker Ken, Ok mar? I'm taking my notes chewing time off for doing this in favor for you. KAN TUNG ANOT?! You scratch my back, I scratch yours. wuekkekekeke..


jimmychin said...

sms voting again...
a lot of competition using sms to vote now...
dunno which gal sui leh...

*~AnnA~* said...

lol.. vote for F7 lor..

jimmychin said...

anna, hhaa.. okok...