Sunday, May 13, 2007

:+: Happy Mother's Day :+:

:+: Special Love Pizza for my mummy on this special day :+:

Happy Mother's Day

My mum celebrates mother's day 3 times in a year.
First, in March (my birthday)
Next, in April (my brother's birthday)
Then, again in May (all mother's day)

Without you, we won't be in this world...
Without us, you won't be celebrating mother's day..


sc_Bone said...

schweet meal u made her!!
very swweet

zewt said...

so sweet... that's a very nice approach to mothers' day!

ehon said...

WAH!! Love pizza ler! Very creative wei. Eh, when are you opening your cafe/restaurant?

I get VIP membership card with discount and free drinks right?! :D :D

jimmychin said...

wah,.. love shape.. nice nice...

CRIZ LAI said...

Wow...what a big heart u hv there. I'm sure yr Mum wud luv it very much. :)

Advance booking for 3 heart pizzas on 14 February for my for my bro's anniversary and one for my sweetheart :) hehehe

a n n n a said...

leang, zewt & jimmy: ^^v Thanks

ehon: I have a dream to own a restaurant.. but dunno can achieve anot la. if can, u're my very first VIP.

criz: My mum loved it. She even say it's delicious. *kembang hidung* In fact, I'm posting the making of pizza soon. (Hope so) self made is more sincere and meaningful. Not nice also nvm, it's the thought that counts. ^^,