Thursday, May 10, 2007

:+: Sandwiches :+:

Hehe.. Some of you may think I don't eat much during my studying week for my finals.


I have the biggest appetite when I'm studying. Don't ask my why 'cause I also don't know why.
I eat more than I study. It's like I can't study without chewing anything. Chew notes meh...

:+: My Special 3 Storeys Ham Sandwich :+:

First, toast the bread. Then peng the ham to heat the ham. After that, cut out a few slices of cucumber and tomato. Layer ham then tomato and cucumber. Too bad no cheese. Else, it'll be superb!

:+: Stack them up, higher than my finance books :+:

:+: Extra Toasted Bread :+:

:+: Kiap Ice Cream in between the bread :+:

:+: This is one of the best :+:

So, do you think I starve when I'm studying? I gained more weight than knowledge.


zewt said...

wah... how to place such a big sandwich into one's mouth???

a n n n a said...

zewt: hantam only.. XD just squeeze in the 3 storey.

zewt said...

hantam in the mouth ah??? hahahaha.... i have a friend who can put his entire fist into his mouth.. maybe he can whack that sandwich easily.