Friday, June 08, 2007

:+: Guarantee Makan :+:

In this picture, the young taukeh just put a big cardboard that says, "Bao Chi" aka "Bao Chiak" aka "Guarantee Makan" aka "Ready to be eaten".

Of course the taukeh say his honey dew is good, sweet, ripe, ready to be eaten and etc..

As a buyer, how do you pick a good honey and not get 'tipu' by the taukeh?

I would use my nose. If you can smell it's super sweet honey dew fragrance far away. Now, that's a good juicy sweet honey dew. If you can smell it, it's ready to be eaten and it sure is sweet. Tak ada bau, saya tak mau la. It's like picking a durian. Durian without smell, can you still enjoy eating it? You can't even call that a durian.
So, do you know how to pick a good honey dew? Other than the nose method.


zewt said...

dunno how to choose a nice honey dew but my mom taught me how to choose a nice durian. by the way... even honey dew needs 'guarantee makan'???

sc_Bone said...

i potong it out then oni i determine whether it is good or no good ...

CRIZ LAI said...

guarantee makan? We pay then the bossy cut and test ar? LOL

bloomingtree said...

PHD level question. Dunno yet.

a n n n a said...

zewt: that's why i took a pic of it. never knew honey dew also got such interesting concept.

leang: u think it's like choosing watermelon meh. they won't wanna cut and let u test it. coz if u dun wan it, the tauke rugi lo.

criz: lol.. u bring home and cut it. if not sweet, u can make other things with it. Eg: Honey Dew+Sago+Coconut milk+Brown Sugar(malacca sugar)

bloomingtree: PHD level?? LOL

ehon said...

i know i know!! poke into the honeydew and taste it. :P actually got method to tell if it's sweet one meh?

a n n n a said...

ehon: LOL!Sopandai.. cucuk it den use straw to taste the juice? kikiki.. Well,so far i only knowone method. That's by smelling it. If the honey dew smell is strong, that one guarantee sweet & juicy.

CRIZ LAI said...

anna: you are making me hungry Anyway, I have not been cooking any special food recently, except for the scallop, oyster, pickled vege meatball broth...hehe. Well, it was rather pale in colour to take a snap. So no posting on that lor :P

P/s visit my VMY2007-Penang posting. It might be useful for you if ever you want to come for a visit :)