Saturday, December 04, 2004

Kuching is nomore a safe place

Andrea, one of my close friend came back from Melaka. She is kuching kia, studying in Melaka. We were gathering tonight... Tonight is definitely an unforgetable night to me... and also Andrea.

We had dinner at Starbite (Suppose to be at Westwood Continental, but full jor). After that, Lionel, Naomi and me went to fetch Vivian. Lionel drove, while Andrea and Angel in another car. We went separate ways.

We were suppose to meet up at Bing!'s. On the way there, Drea called and said that Bing! is full. We park like a kilometer away from Bing!. boh pien~~ no parking.. So, we walked all the way to Bing! hehe... On the way there, Yomi kept complaining that its sooo sooo far.

When we arrived at Bing!, memang it's full. So i called Drea to ask where she and Angel are. They were behind Grappa. We went to look for them. After a long thinking of where to go, we decided to go to Soho. Soho is also full, so we went to Grappa. There, Drea and Lionel visited the toilet. Grappa man's toilet... is funny la. When Lionel was peeing, we can see him. Wahahaha.. U will know wad i mean if u've been there.

I have never been to Soho or Grappa before, so I wanted a tour. So, after the toilet visiting, we went to Soho. Wah piang!! outside is full, inside is also.. Then, we went to Grappa. Grappa... empty one... not many ppl inside. The atmosphere not as lau jiett as Soho's. We wanted to stay, but soon, we had second thought. We wanted to go to Red Tea Shop.

When we arrived there, we saw them packing the outside furniture. I saw the "time table" on the door that says : 11.00am - 10.30pm. I looked into my watch, it shows 10.35... Lolz... Then we decided to go to mcD.

Just as i was walking (just at the side of Tun Jugah), I heard Drea shouting!! I thought what happened, as I turned, I saw her chasing and shouting at a motorcyclist. I knew then that she was robbed. I could do much, as I could only watch the cyclist speed off. I felt so useless. I could have at least throw him with my heels. Drea was very sad. She lost everything. Her car key, wallet and 2 hps. I feel so bad... and so geram.

That guy was wearing black helmet, blacke T-shirt, black jeans and riding a black bike.
He can go to Hell for all I care. I just hope he get knocked down by a BuS!!! Splattered the road with his brain and cells. KIMAK PUNYA MANUSIA. BOLEH MATI LA... HARAP KO MATI DLM KEADAAN DASYAT.

URGH!!! what is wrong with today's society??!! Are they so uncivilised?? Why RoB?!!
Kuching is not safe as it used to be.

Those of you out there, be very very careful when u see bikes. Always walk far far away from the road. Try not to carry a handbag when u're out. The world is dominated with VIOLENCE!!

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