Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I was just wondering what relationship means. I looked through the Dictionary.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 1991:

Relationship1 --> can be used of family connections
Relationship2 --> can indicate a strong emotional association [Y]
Relationship3 --> can indicate a similarity or correspondence between things

The definition of relationship from the Dictionary is not enough for me. To me, relationship means two people are together as a couple, aka, bf and gf. From there, love is the element that brought two people from two different world into one. To me, it is strong commitment from both parties to insure a strong relationship. All this while the word relationship is defined like this in my own 'na-tionary' (dictionary). But soon, I knew, there's no such thing as nowadays. It only happens in the fantasy or the visual world or in the fairy tales. I maybe wrong now.. but I hope soon I'll know what it actually means. I never got into any relationship, other then my family relationship, so i don't know much bout it. Must it be so complicated?

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