Monday, December 19, 2005

'Cannot say NO'

When I woke up this morning, i discover that Angel sent me an sms.It says,
"na, tml lunch at 2.30. knot say no."
When I saw the message I was like.. wtf!@$^*!$~!@$.. not at the cannot say no, but the 'lunch at 2.30'. Who the fuck eat lunch at 2.30pm???

I got up from bed, walked to the toilet. Looked at the mirror. Gosh.. I'm so pale, looked like a walking zombie.. grahh grahh..
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After I freshened up, I went down.. In my head I remembered to call Gel. *call gel call gel call gel*
When I reached at the last step of the stairs, I walked to the kitchen then walked out. *hmm.. what am I suppose to do. hmm.. I remembered thinking bout something.*
I went up the stairs to get my brain back. At the second step, I remembered that I'm suppose to call Gel. hishh..

At 10.30am
****toot tooot.. toot tooot.. tooooooooooott....****
gel: (sleepily) halo..
me: gel?
gel: ya...
me: na here.
gel: ohh..
me: later lunch at 2.30 arr?? y so late? knot earlier meh? so late le..
gel: ohh.. coz nai lin say if not 2.30, den 10.30 or 11. but we knot wake up.
me: (interrupt) yalo yalo..
gel: coz later at X:XX *i forgot wad time gel said* she wanna meet her fren n her fren finish lunch at bout 2. so we meet at 2.30.
me: ohhhhhhh.. eat where? who else?
gel: king centre.. bla bla bla..
me: -..-" king centre meh.. the fabian ko place arr..
gel: ya..
me: kk la.
gel: cya
mel: buh bye

After I hung up, I ran up to shower then put on clothes.

At bout 12pm

**groarrr.. rwoww.. rwowww.. grarhhh..*



me: woi.. what R u gonna eat lateR?
bRo: hur? *staring at the comp n plik plak the keyboard*
me: *slaps his head* LUNCH
bRo: *plik plak plik plak*
me: -..-!!! WOOOOIIIII!!! *wad a retard*
bRo: ohh.. err.. *plik plak plik plak* maggi mee la
me: -..-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bRo: *plik plak plik plak*
me: serious?
bRo: *plik plak plik plak*
bRo: wad?
me: -..-@#$%! u cook i wash. go.. i use comp awhile.
bRo: *plik plak plik plak*
me: *inhale exhale inhale exhale*
bRo: *plik plak plik plak viiiuuuuuushhhhhhh into the kitchen kling klang*
me: /gg

At 2.4+pm

Victor arrived. I viusshhhhh into his car. Then we went to meet the rest at C11. There's nowhere to park in front, so we went to the back parking.

Met Gel, Elea, ahGe and Nai Lin. Said HI to all and as usual, start chit chat chit chat.. *-..- memang chatterbox. We're gifted. XD*

*chit chat chit chat chit chat*

Oh yea, we were also planning for tonite. The st3 gathering. If Angel can get car, we all can move easily. If not, no need to go liaw. *prays very damn hard.. pls can get CAR!!*

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