Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So called St3 Graduates Gathering

It's 6.30 when I called Gel. She told me her parents not home yet. Not sure if can get car or not. Later at about 7pm, I called again. She told me she can't get the car, so since victor offered to pick all 5 of us, ALL 5 OF US, i 'fong sam' lo. hehe.. Called Yomi and told her to get ready, Gel and Vic going to pick her.

While waiting, I went to join my brother watch tv.
bRo: heh.. u're gonna get picked at 8pm. MUAHAHAHAHA..
me: -..-# hish.. i think so. MUAHAHAHAHA..
bRo: *watching*

me: aiyo... seriously gonna be 8.
bRo: *watching* no need to go liaw la.
me: *gave him a cold look* haiyo.. maybe lo..
bRo: *watching*
me: kimak.. i hate waiting.

***honk honk***

me: MUAHAHAHA.. *shakes bro's butt, points at the clock*
bRo: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD?
me: it's not 8. MUAHAHAHA.. *leaves the room*

In the car, aiyo.. dunno how to describe Yomi expression le.., neway, after picking me, we went to pick Elea then ahGe. After that, we headed to st3. No... the gathering's not there. We went there to meet up with Sophia Wong. She don't know where's Davina's house, so she tailed behind us.

Since it's a pot luck party, all of us.. ALL OF US.. din't bring anything. So we planned to stop by at Hui Sing to get something. We bought one packet of Fried Kueh Tiaw and a packet of Fried Mee in a No. 19 stall as recommended by ahGe.

We arrived at Davina's at 8.40pm. The party suppose to start at 7pm. We were late in a very special way. XD As we walked in, everyone looked at us, then turn their heads back to the tv screen. *ada rasa shiok jugak le*

Somehow, they were waiting for us to start. It's 8.40pm!! And they were all sitting and chatting waiting for us to arrive. Wahliu.. Rasa tua liap arr.. Kakakaka.. Kecian them also le.. Starve till then. In the car already I complain hungry, what more to say them.

The moment I stepped into the house. I'm very very very VERY SURPRISED. Not to see everyone but the number of people. *Hey, where's the party??*
I mean, isn't it suppose to be a ST3 GATHERING? Including 6 of us, there are only about 16 of us. Fuhhh... Imagine we din't make it. *dare not comment more on the 'gathering'*

We sat there for only 20minutes and it felt like we've been there like for hours!!

Food's ok.. Ice cream *scratch head.. SxxK*

It's like what we all expected. Everyone will be in their own group talking bout their own stuff. Hmm.. Kononnye la is gathering. I talked to some people, KENAK BSKL.

-..-@#%&(#!! kimak

But me and gel just do our thing, take pictures. *chik chak chik chak chik chak*

We took a few group pictures using ahGe's camera.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

When Karol left, we took the opportunity to get outta there. Gel, Soph and I hurried out. Waving at everyone and saying bye, we wore our shoes and cabut. Soph went to reverse her car while Gel and I took somemore pictures outside. Trying to get the sight of the church behind us. *err.. gelap le..*

We all went into Soph's car and headed to Hui Sing to meet up with Vic (aka Victoria.. XD!!!) Poor Vic, his friends ditched him for King Kong. They're gonna regret. HaHaHa.. While his friends watch King Kong, he get accompanied by 6 girls. Not bad also le.

We went back to the Hui Sing stalls. Elea wanted some ice. We found ourselves a corner and made orders. I din't wanted any coz I'm so bloated. I can still remember what everyone had. Yomi and Soph had Longan, Angel and Elea had Jagung Peng (Gel's with extra jagung), ahGe ordered Lucky Strike (a combination of Longan and Jagung plus no pink syrup) and Vic had teh-C-peng.

ahGe asked Yomi bout the prom she went. Yomi was telling from the beginning till the end about the prom. I got so excited at the ending part. /gg
Yomi was telling about Mike (her bf) experiencing odd things. *U shud noe wad i mean**winks*

I was saying that the two of them in the park at 12.30am, anything can appear or happen. Then she told us that actually the most cun timing is 3am. Since 3am is the opposite time of 3pm when Jesus died. It's the mockery time. Something like that. From there, she started telling about Exorcism of Emily Rose. Soph got scared and moved her seat to between me and Elea.

Everyone wanted her to stop telling except me. /gg I wanted to know more... But the rest made her stop. /sob

We sat there till almost 11pm. We were the only 'customers' left sitting there. So, we made a move. Elea, ahGe and Yomi followed Soph's car, meanwhile Angel and I went off with Vic. On the way to Vic's car, Gel told me bout the story Nel told her and Elea. In the car, on the way home (my home le), we were talking it. I still cannot understand how can all these Emily Rose thing happened. By the way, I'm downloading Exorcism. ngekekeke..

They say that the sounds in the movie was recorded from the real 'thing'. The sound of the 6 demons. I wonder how that can be recorded... What a mystery in my mind and I'm so curious to know more about it...

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*click to hear The Exorcism*

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