Wednesday, May 30, 2007

:+: Happy Birthday Pa :+:

Belated post...

Won 4 tickets to the movies, Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Thanks to DiGi Fu-Yoh!, we celebrated Daddy's birthday differently this year. ^^ We had a SIMPLE dinner opposite Star Cineplex, Green Hill Kopitiam. We ordered lots of food, but only the Chu Bi (Glutinous/Pulut Rice) is worth blogging.

The Ang Tau (Red Bean) and Oh` (Yam) Chu Bies are the sweet type. The chu bi is sweet and chewy. The middle is soft and sweet. Everything sweet, makes you feel sweet too. *_*

The Toh Tau (Peanut) Chu Bi is the salty type. The chu bi and its peanuts are salty. I don't like this one because I prefer the sweet type ones. Hehe...
In short, the Chu Bies are really DELICIOUS! The Taukeh-Nio just peng the chu bies and it has really nice fragrance. Yummylicious! Sangat SEDAP & WANGI! Gosh.. I want some now. *craving*

The Cha Kueh is just okay. I still prefer the Cha Kueh from Kenyalang Old Market. That's the best! Nombor Satu.

The inside of Green Hill Kopitiam are all green. All the sign boards are sponsored by Milo (Green)

The movie starts at 7pm, so we had our dinner at 6pm and hopped into the cinema at 6.30pm. Early birds get the worms. It's free seating, so, if we got there earlier we could get good seats (middle of the theatre). I wanted to grab the good seats to watch my favourite Jack Sparrow and Monkey Jack.

Overall, it was a great movie! Just as I expected. Now, I shall wait for POTC 4 (if there is). ^^

Although it was a simple evening, I'm glad my Daddy enjoyed it. Some of you even asked me, "Your parents can catch the movie meh? 1st and 2nd already watch ka?"

Haahaha.. I got some DVDs for POTC 1 and 2 and made them watch it. Otherwise, they 'no head no tail' keep asking me in the movies sure very pek chek. So, prepare them for the movies first mar.. ^^

Happy Birthday Pa~!!
(28th May 2007)
:+: Waiting at the entrance :+:

When I was editing this picture, I was laughing the whole time. Why?! Look at my Daddy. He pouted!! LMAO.. Tak Sangka!


CRIZ LAI said...

Happy Birthday Anna's Daddy :)

Still wondering what is a chu bi? Maybe you can send some over for testing. If good, **blink blink** we franchise it all over Malaysia... hmmm...maybe throughout the world :)

Mark said...

I can only think of Chu Bi that meants "cute" or "Interesting"? Is your Chu Bi pronounce the same way as that 1?

I can only remember that Green Hill Corner's Gu Bak Mee is quite nice...but haven't visit them for years i think...hehehe

a n n n a said...

Criz: Thanks ^^ Hmm.. Don't wanna franchise it ler. Coz if franchise then won't be special anymore. Hehehe.. Somemore, hard to maintain it's quality if commercialised.

Mark: HAhaa.. nope.. it's not pronounced as how u pronounce it as "cute" or "interesting". The pronounciation is somewhat lower pitch than that. ^^ Yeap.. The gu bak mee there is nice. Quite similar with the Ah Mui Gu Bak Mee at Open Air.

ahlost said...

Wow.. your post make me hungry.. hehehe

zewt said...

Happy Bday to Anna-papa... :)

really a lot of food stuff here... i want some cha kueh too... feel like having the one i bangsaw pasar malam... dunno where is kenyalang old market...

The Great Swifty said...

Happy (much) belated birthday to Anna's dad :D

bloomingtree said...

Wah so fun. The last time my dad watched a movie with me was 20 years ago .

a n n n a said...

ahlost: *evil grin* still need lotsa improvement to that.

zewt: Thanks.. Kenyalang Old Market is in Kuching here. Kikiki..

edmund: Thanks ^^v

bloomingtree: It was fun. Looking forward to Rush Hour 3. Gonna bring him for that one. kikiki..