Wednesday, May 30, 2007

:+: DiGi Fu-Yoh! Street Blast :+:

Yesterday, I received an email from Josh Lim. weee wit~ Not love letter lar..
It's an email about the DiGi Fu-Yoh! Street Blast event.

:+: For more information, *click* :+:

Here's part of the email:

Dear East Malaysian Advertlets Bloggers,

Firstly, thanks for the great number of you that have signed up over the past few days, and your support. As promised, we have delivered an exciting campaign specially for you! We are currently running the DiGi Fu-Yoh! Campaign on many of your blogs, including:

*** Jimmy's site is even in the email. FUuuu YOoohhHHh~~!!

Here’s how it get more fun and even more FU-YOH! for you – more earnings for you and the chance to attend a great event!

1. Install more ad formats, earn more!
We noticed that most of you have the Sidebar Ad code installed. Why not earn more, by installing more ad formats? Login to your Advertlets Account, and click the “Blogs” tab. Then, install the appropriate ad formats on your blog. There are currently 4 different ad formats.

**I was venturing the html and managed to install 4 out of 5. The sidebar ad got 2 style (with and without poll), so that makes 5 ad formats altogether.

2. Get VIP Invites To Attend The Event, Write a Review, Earn RM200.00! We are looking for 5 bloggers from Kota Kinabalu and 5 bloggers from Kuching to attend the DiGi Fu-Yoh! Event in KK and Kuching respectively (free VIP invites!) and write a review on it. Please let me know by TODAY or TOMORROW if you’ll like to do so. Hurry! Only for 10 bloggers in total, RM200.00 each! Basically we’ll need you to review the event, write something interesting, take pictures (yourself with the DiGi Yellow Man? Artistes on stage?), and post it up!

** 5 bloggers from KK and Kuching ONLY!! That's SVIP (Super Very Important People)! Plus, there's RM200 for grab! So, need to write a review on the event. (working on it now)

Remember the Gary Cao and Victor Wong concert in Kuching? The one organised by DiGi? I went for the concert and took some pictures there.

It was SO HAPPENING ok?! So MANY people! The crowd is huge and crazy!
[update when I come back. GO MAKAN~]

3. Tell your friends, join in the fun! We still need for East Malaysia Bloggers! Ask your friends to sign up, and they can start earning from the DiGi Fu-Yoh campaign too! The campaign ends on the 9th of June – so ask your friends sign up within the next few days so they can earn well.

** You! You! You! *pointing at YOU* My Dearest Sarawakian and Sabahan friends, let's start earning $$$ *kaching kaching* now!

Not an member yet? Sign In and be one now.

If you're a DiGi subscriber and not one of the Fu-Yoh! gang yet, this is what you do:
(a) Key *128#
(b) Press call
(c) Answer: 7 Change Features
(d) Answer: 2 Change Plan / Subscribe FnF Disc Rates
(e) Answer: 2 Fu-Yoh!
(f) Answer: 1 Confirm

And you're done. Welcome to the Fu-Yoh! gang.

If you prefer to do it online, just go to DiGi-OCS. From Account Status, you can change your call plan.

If you have the time and your hp's battery is full mode, you can call the DiGi Customer Service @ 016-2211800.

And of course, details on the event…


Exclusively For Fu-Yoh! Subscribers!

** You see.. Tak rugi I join DiGi. Really Fu-Yoh! ok. On my birthday, I reloaded RM100 (MAX) and got RM50 for Birthday Bonus. Got free VIP tickets to Gary Chow and Victor Wong's concert. Then, I got 4 free tickets to POTC3 (Movie Rewards). Today, I received an SMS for my Reload Bonus. Now, THERE'S A PARTY in FU-YOH! STYLE!! How cool can it get?? So FU-YOH!!


So, what are you waiting for?! Grab your phone now and start subscribing to Fu-Yoh!

P/s: John Lim said, "If enough of you are going, the Advertlets Team is thinking may be going down too…"

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