Friday, May 18, 2007

:+: Row row.. Row the boat :+:

Anna is going makan makan again. hoho.. After a few days of rest, as what Yomi said as Sleep Debt, I din't get full sleep during the finals. So, it's pay back time. hiak hiak... My term of rest consists of:
  • Sleep late
  • Wake up late
  • Movie marathon -> catching up with the movies & completing all my China DVDs
  • Gunbound -> Trash NOOBs
  • Eat, eat, eat
  • Free my mind from the busy world

I'm glad I completed my Diploma, IF I don't fail any subjects this semester. I'll be going back to work and that means less online hours during daytime and less Gunbound session. Boo Hoo.. However, my holiday to Singapore, motivated me to wake up at 7.45am everyday and TRY to reach the office by 8.30am. I need *kaching kaching* $$$!!! So I can Shop Till I Drop. MY TRIP TO SINGAPORE!!! Yee Haw~! Can't wait!!

I took hours making this 'poster' of mine. I'm an OkuiPhotoshopper, I need Photoshop lessons!! Argh.. It's midnight already. I better hit the sack. Good night! Meeting my dear puppies tomorrow. NGahAhHAhahaha..


ehon said...

wahh! good good good. u work hor then i wont feel as guilty claiming my gubakmee from u!! LOL! :P

sophie said...

my friend's daddy used to be the CEO of Star Cruises. haha.. then he left for bigger things.

Irene said...

Aiyaaa.. Star Cruise!!! I want :( Too bad can't find enough people to go with me. Need to find 3 more people to go with me but impossible -.-"

CRIZ LAI said...

Hey Anna...don't go away too long! I still want to see nice food photos and recipes...slurps~~ :P

a n n n a said...

ehon: haha.. when r u cmg back to kch?

sophie: aww.. too bad.. if he's still in there, prolly can arrange smth like upgrade my cabin to balcony clas s or smth. XD

irene: Sept there's promotion. like 30% per person. Not necessary need 4 ler. 1 person oso can but very lonely lo. somemore u need to pay 150% of the normal fare for single person.

criz: XD I'm goin in Aug lar. not so soon.. It's gonna be a week. So, enough time to collect *kaching kaching* $$$.

papajoneh said...

wahhh.. after exam, goes to singapore kah? wow... thats cool. Man, you all take photos really great one. I just can feel the taste. What camera you all using? Mine broken already. Only use V3i cameraphone only. So sad :(
OKlah, enjoy your after exam break.

a n n n a said...

papajoneh: I'm using my HP cam. Can start cam-who^ at any time. hehe.. It's light, small and convenient. Fits just right in the handbag. ^^,